Equinox Raffle for our Imprisoned Folk


We have established a chain of helping hands that will grow ever stronger, because that is what our love for our people requires! Gertrud Scholtz Klink

Up for grabs are two carvings, kindly donated by US Heathen artist Rob Aor, the large carving is 18 x18 and the small 10 x 10, both being one inch thick.  There will be two prizes and ticket costs will be

  • 1 for $5
  • 3 for $10
  • 10 for $25

Tickets will be sold through PayPal, please use family/friends option to send money  or email wau.raffle@outlook.com for more details. Drawing will occur on March 20th at the equinox and winners will be contacted via email. 

All monies raised will be sent directly to the prisoners themselves, by WAU, and will not be going through any third party. As with all our fundraisers we are fully transparent as to where the money goes and copies of the monies sent to all prisoners will be displayed for ALL to see.

This is an International raffle open to all worldwide. Winners will be chosen through RandomPicker which shows drawing details and participants will be able to check they were included in the list.









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