David Lane 10th Memorial Art Contest

We at WAU have always taken pride in our original publications, art work and material. Where our sisters work hard to come up with the best we can, we could not achieve this without the help of our supporters, POW’s and friends.

This year to show our gratitude and in a joint effort, WAU Australia, America & Europa are holding an art contest to choose the best work to be used in a compilation of books we are publishing on David Lane’s written works as well as in our other publications. We will be awarding prizes to the best art received as a way to show our appreciation.

Next year (2017) will see the 10th anniversary of David Lane’s passing and in his honour,  we will be publishing two books; one on David’s Wotanist writings and the other on his political writings, as found on davidlane1488.com. We require some original artwork to publish in these books, they can consist of either a portrait of David, the 14 words or something relevant to Davids writings.

Eligibility and Mediums: The contest is open to everybody, worldwide. All art must be 100% original and your own work. We will not accept compositions based on other artists work (either drawings, photos etc) unless written permission is given by the artist. You can submit any kind of art, use any colours or techniques, from 2D traditional drawings, mixed-media to digital art. It’s up to you, but please keep it within the subject.

Submissions: To be sent to wau.artcontest@outlook.com with the following information: Name/nickname & location.

Also please state that by submitting your artwork you are aware that you are giving full permission to WAU to use this work in our publications, sites and other printable and online material.

All files submitted must be high quality either in JPEG/JPG or PNG format. If you are submitting digital artwork, please provide us with the original files, if you can.

Selection Process: All submissions will be reviewed and selected by a panel composed of WAU sisters and friends. We will announce the panel in due course. The winning art will be selected on the basis of quality and originality within the subject and suitability for our publications.




  • Book 1: Deceived, Damned & Defiant by David Lane 
  • Book 2: Might is Right 
  • Book 3: Creed of Iron
  • 47gr Large Sterling Silver Thors Hammer made by US heathen
  • Resin Mjolnir wall plaque, 7” tall made by heathen artist
  • Bruders Schweigen lapel pins
  • $30 USD for any prisoner winning a prize or their choice of book
  • Tree of life bag
  • Keyrings

Huge thanks goes out to Ken S, Sara, Dylan, Bradley, Louise, Gail, Vicky & T for prize donations. 


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