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The 55 Club presents Unbroken Warrior: Richard Scutari, this is a completely revised edition featuring new and unread writings. You can purchase a copy here The Unbroken Warrior, Richard Scutari - retells the glorious story of The Order (Bruders Schweigen) and one of its finest members, Richard … Continue Reading ››

Greek Word Studies for Christian Separatists by David Tate

David has sent me some information he wanted to share on a project his church is working on: Greek Word Studies for Christian Separatists. You can read what he has written here.David 2015

A Conversation with David Tate

A recent interview between WAU Australia and David Tate. "Does anyone really believe that venting on the internet is activism? I'm in prison and I can do that and more. Being an activist requires true action. Now act!"
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A Nationalists view on how fulfilling being actively involved in the movement can be

How is being actively involved in the movement fulfilling and how has it given you direction, if any? That’s a multifaceted question and one that would take a long time to answer properly but briefly and very generally... In a society that seems designed to demoralize and to a greater or lesser degree make whites feel … Continue Reading ››

Poetry by The Bruder Schweigen

image Rise My Sons - Robert J. Mathews 1983 Sons of Odin, Sons of Thor, Kings of the cold Sea; O gods, we go to do you Honor. Who can stand against us? See us; we go to feed the Ravens With your enemies And to make the wound-dew run red Upon the grass. Men of the … Continue Reading ››

Youngland Interview 2012

youngland & WAU Australia copyThe following Interview is with Kenn, one of the founding members and the lead vocalist from Youngland, following their recent visit to Australia where they played the Hammered Music Festival. Hi Ken could you give our readers a brief history of Youngland, how … Continue Reading ››

White Xmas QLD 2010

Well it started with rain, rained some more, then more again, the Thunder God was in his element. White xmas 2010 has come and gone with a good time had by all. This was the first white xmas that we have had which had bands playing. Queensland is getting a good reputation for having shows, … Continue Reading ››

Open Season Interview

The following interview is with Jim from the Legendary Aussie Hate band Open Season.  Hi Jim, firstly we would like to thank you for taking the time to do this Interview with WAU Australia. No problem T, happy to help out. How did you come up with your band name, does it have any significance? I wish I … Continue Reading ››

ISD 2012 review

It was that time of the year again. One of the most celebrated events on the White Nationalist’s calendar!  It was to time to honour and celebrate the life of Ian Stuart Donaldson at Melbourne’s annual ISD concert organized by Blood and Honour Australia. After having such a successful concert up in Brisbane 5 months prior, I … Continue Reading ››

ISD Australia 2010

ISD Memorial Melbourne Australia Saturday September 25th saw the 17th annual Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig in Melbourne Australia. My first one since 2003 after living overseas I sure was glad to be home and see some familiar faces, I think I spent more time catching up with people than watching the bands! First up was White … Continue Reading ››