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"Dear T.... -- Gruss Gott: I received money on my account the other day from S.... and thought I would drop you both a letter and say "Thank You!" 😄 What a blessing you all have been for me. Actually, WAU in one form or another with different Sisters at the helm have been a … Continue Reading ››

January 2015

Greetings! I am sending this brief missive to thank ya’ll for the Yule cards. I cannot express enough how much it raises my spirits to receive such cards. They let me know that my sacrifices were not in vain and make my time in here a bit more easier.  Your daughters Irminsul card touched my … Continue Reading ››

December 28, 2011

Thank you so much for your fellowship and support. You are a true blessing. Wish there were more like you! I have always said that, if not for our women folk, our cause would never advance at all. And, well, you are the leaves of life. That's why ALL the original deities were female. And … Continue Reading ››

January 2013

Thank you for the extra funds – such a blessing from a people I hardly know…. or maybe do know in racial spirit! I must admit to splurging on a pint of chocolate icecream with chocolate syrup :P And new running shoes. David Tate

October 2012

Most of my time has been spent in solitary. Unlike my co-defendants. There are no jobs in here, very few anyway. I rely entirely on donations. It’s rough, cuz I set out to be a blessing to my folk, not a liability. I never, in 28 years asked anyone for a penny. I have had … Continue Reading ››

02 January 2012

I want to thank you for your very generous Yule gift. I can now get a few things I need here plus order some books I’ve been wanting to read. Your continuous support is very appreciated. I’d be hurting without it.

10 January 2012

Received a $200 cheque and I believe a $125 cheque a few weeks ago. Thank you. I probably told you, but the BOP will be selling MP3 players pretty soon. They aren’t here yet, but when they arrive the money will go to buy music – music I’ve been waiting 28 years to hear. Not … Continue Reading ››

My Dear Sisters of WAU

I would like to thank you again for the gifts you have sent to me over the past several months. Not only have I been able to afford extra postage, copies, typewriter ribbons etc. But I have also been able to replace things I have needed and I have been able to live without literally … Continue Reading ››

Thank You from Richard Kemp

I wish to thank all the anonymous donors of funds to my account. I know money is tight for you and your family with the rising costs of groceries and gasoline. Your thoughtfulness sustained me through some tough times and I am truly grateful someone cared enough to assist me. The quality of the food at … Continue Reading ››

Grateful for Adopt A Bruder Program Richard Kemp

Tonight I find myself eating peanut butter and jelly on crackers for my evening meal instead of choking down the industrial strength glop they serve in the mess hall. Rather than forcing myself to swallow lumpy, half cooked rice with a gravy pineapple sauce and bell peppers poured over the top of it with little … Continue Reading ››