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Yuletide Australia 2016

Saturday 18th June 2016 we held our annual Mother Night blot. This is the night where we honour and celebrate Frigga and all the Disir, the protective feminine ancestors who watch over us. Be all that we dare to be by taking risks and benefiting from the rewards of our accomplishments. Aspire to be more than a … Continue Reading ››

How did we lose our way?

13330937_255308134825926_1846415105697926920_nOur folk come from a collective orientation where the clan was more important than the individual; we valued our past and worshiped our ancestors and those that had passed. We had strong kinship bonds and to give our word was a sacred contract; to … Continue Reading ››

Sisters working together for a better future!

woman_and_bannerSisters working together for a better future! Being a woman is a very tough job. We are usually forced to mesh both warrior and mother into one. Many types of women past and present have made our roles in today’s society unique. We are labeled as many … Continue Reading ››

White genocide in South Africa

We, at WAU Australia, being concerned over what is happening to the White inhabitants in present day South Africa have compiled a few articles. south africa murders 1: White Genocide in South Africa - A look at the overall state of what is happening to whites in South Africa 2: … Continue Reading ››

A Nationalists view on how fulfilling being actively involved in the movement can be

How is being actively involved in the movement fulfilling and how has it given you direction, if any? That’s a multifaceted question and one that would take a long time to answer properly but briefly and very generally... In a society that seems designed to demoralize and to a greater or lesser degree make whites feel … Continue Reading ››

Wotanist Blots for the Southern Hemisphere

imageThe purpose off this dissertation is 3 fold. 1) To inform readers of the time of our blots sacred to Wotanists. 2) To explain the meaning of the blot. 3) We shall give a practical meditation to make the meaning of the blot more personal. Whether you … Continue Reading ››

YuleTide Blessings from WAU Australia

Yule tree 008 copySince the beginning of time, we have gathered in this season to celebrate the rebirth of the Sun. The sun will be born again from the darkest of nights and a new yearly cycle will begin. We are thankful for all of the blessings … Continue Reading ››

Our Cultural Heritage

imageOur cultural heritage is being threatened with destruction, not only from the Goverment and immigrants but by our own neglect, carelessness and obsession for material gain. The protection of our cultural heritage is essential to our survival, it's preservation should not be reduced to empty words and … Continue Reading ››

Why Are We Here & Why we Fight?

aryan childrenWhile in part we are here to socialise with people with the same beliefs as ours, where going to gigs, having bbq’s and drinking is all well and good, there is a more important reason as to why we are here and that is the 14 words, … Continue Reading ››

Frigga Award 2015 winners

imageVoting has now closed. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to visit our page and vote. The winners of the 2014/15 Frigga Award are Gold Mothers Cross - Ivana WAU Argentina Silver Mothers Cross - T  WAU Australia Bronze Mothers Cross - Siw Norway Congratulations Ladies. Thank you … Continue Reading ››