Bruders Schweigen need your support!

imageA race must honor above all earthly things, those who have given their lives or freedom for the preservation of the folk – David Lane

I received a letter from Gary today, where his letters inspire me they also bring me much sorrow to think of this proud, strong, honourable man locked away from his folk, not hearing a child’s laughter, not being able to hug, kiss or have contact with those he loves for over 30 years. Remember he sacrificed everything for us, his folk. Gary is the most honourable man I have had the honour & privalge of having in my life and I thank the Gods for him, my brother, my friend, my inspiration, Gary Yarbrough.

If you can spare a few dollars a month towards this program, which aims to gain financial support for all incarcerated men of The Order, then please drop us a line at the email address provided. If you would like to write these men to show your support, or just send a postcard then please email us for the address.  You can find out more about our Adopt a Bruder program go here.

Yours in Sisterhood

“Ya’ll are too good to me! I love you all so much. I hope we can all be together soon. I really crave fellowship with my folk, I have been alone too long in segragation and alienated. I need my people.” – Gary Yarbrough

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