Bruders Schweigen reviews on The ANM Story

Review on the ANM Story by members of the Bruders Schweigen 

Gary Yarbrough-“The ANM Story” was a great read’ I passed it around to other White prisoners to inspire them and show just what a simple few can accomplish when they are motivated and dedicated. A couple of the Aussie folks involved in this story used to write me long ago. They were inspirational and I am proud of them all. They set a good example. They did not “almost” stop the Asians. The battle is not over just because they went to jail nor did they fail’ Our victory is a long and drawn out battle to which each of us adds our own efforts. They are just a few of a long list of heroes who have a special place in the history of our race and struggle our folk will not forget. They invested in our race’s future and it will pay off. People such as Judi Lyons and the others insure that our folk will have its place in the sun. Hail Victory!


Richard Scutari-“The ANM Story” was interesting’ I salute Aryan warriors. All who were involved as they are part of an unique family of Aryan Warriors.


David Lane-Congratulations to the true soldiers of the ANM. I know that you operate under greater restrictions against free speech than we do here. Or perhaps I should say more overt restrictions since there is no place left on Earth where White men can speak of the message in the 14 Words without being destroyed economically, socially and politically. Our ancient foe has consolidated power behind the scenes like the world has never known. But don’t give up. When the White man has been reduced to third world living standards, many will finally face the truth. Unfortunately, not out of nobility, but rather out of selfish- ness. But there will be raw material to work with. I remain yours for the 14 Words: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”


David Tate-“The ANM Story” is the history of the Australian Nationalists movement as related by its foremost leader’ Jack van Tongeren, a Vietnam Vet and White patriot imprisoned for his racial political struggle. There is not one white “European” nation upon Earth that is not experiencing forced alien immigration and integration. Citizens of White nations were not asked whether or not they wanted to share their land with Foreigners, nor if they wanted to integrate their unique God-given heritages with incompatible racial aliens. Australia is no exception, a nation slated for Asian immigration. ln many nations, homegrown resistance has sprung up as a natural reaction against alien behavior and practices. Quiet resistance occurs via “balkanization” as Whites migrate to “whiter” regions, and violent rebellion becomes commonplace as isolated so-called “hate crimes” are perpetrated by frustrated individuals. Larger racial separatist groups have come into being in attempts to rally Whites against government betrayals of their constituents. “The ANM Story” records the successes and setbacks of one such group of brave souls who were able to slow the tide of Asians into Australia. ln my youth, I was involved in Aryan Nations in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Later I became the youngest member of The Bruder Schweigen or what has become known as “The Order.” I have always found it regretful that the only recorded histories of our activities were prepared by the enemies of our Folk via the Jews media and slanted reporting. But the history of the Australian Nationalists Movement is preserved as a lesson for all of us. Jack van Tongeren has filled his book with numerous quotable sayings and points of insight. And he does a decent job of enlightening the reader on the structure and political principles of National Socialism. Americans in particular can learn that the Struggle against the genocide that is race-mixing is alive and well in other lands than our own. We are not alone in the fight for White preservation. Resistance will continue until we have firmly preserved the existence of our race and a future for White children.


Randy Evans-The ANM Story” depicts true Aryan patriots that made a stand for their folk within the realm of Australia. The tactics used by the characters depicted must be studied by the pure students of the White Separatist Movement worldwide so as to adopt, adapt and learn from those that dared to step forward for their folk. I salute my fellow warriors of “The ANM Story.”


Bruce Pierce-“The ANM Story” chronicles van Tongeren’s life and struggle for the preservation of our race and the re-establishment of the values that made us great. What we are witnessing is the slow but unalterable rising of the vanguard, the awakening of our race to its glorious history and its mature destiny that cannot be denied. I pray that those who read “The ANM Story” and the others like it (See H’ Covington’s trilogy.) will likewise be motivated to stand against the corruption of the forces that seek our destruction.


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