The Movement is dead. I only care about the Folk.

My Folk think like I do.

I don’t drop names.

I don’t take sides in disputes I know nothing about.

I don’t repeat gossip.

I don’t start wars over words with people who SHOULD be “my own.”

If I think someone is disreputable, I disassociate. Unless they’re actively destroying their own reputation I feel no need to drag them through the mud.

If someone is publishing anything putting me on one side or another of any social media dispute then you are out of line. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t get in the middle of things I know nothing about.

I don’t take sides. The only side I’m on is the side of the God of Truth who is the Father of my Race. He does not bide lies nor liars. His children love TRUTH and FACT.

People badmouth each other every day. Dropping negative remarks about bad impressions, or disagreements, or even justifyably when someone is genuinely out of law. Before the internet most of these negative remarks died at birth, ignored by most who heard them. Gossips might magnify them, but even then they rarely got outside of a community.

With social media that badmouthing is heard by hundreds and thousands. Then gossips and meddlers want to know more. People begin digging up mounds of fools gold and start slinging it everywhere as if it has value. No, it is mud. Even poop has value as fertilizer. Your social media nonsense has no value. LEAVE IT ALONE. LET IT GO.

No one can know the truth on the internet.

Social media is NOT a “community.”

Community is people meeting face-to-face, socializing, working and communing together in daily life in a “CIVILIZED” manner. (Do you hold that White people were the originators of civilization? Then why don’t you act like it?).

Recently, AS I UNDERSTAND IT, a movement leader talked bad about someone on social media. (Like that’s never happened before). Someone stood up for the person slandered. (Justifiable? I have no idea). It turned into a hurricane of slander and gossip. Sides were chosen, rumors flew like salvos of missiles in an Arab-Israeli boarder war. Many of these rumors were lies, and then magnified lies on top of lies (that is a fact). It led to threats of physical violence. OVER WORDS! And, on top of it all, somehow, completely unknown to myself, I was put in the middle of it. WTH?! Curious? If you don’t know about it, don’t be. If you do…

STOP IT ALREADY. Other than the liars who made stuff up and the idiot involved in physical threats of violence, as far as I know most of the people on both sides are decent people despite all the immature gossiping and division.

It is an obligation that leaders step up and nip things like this in the bud, not allow things to get out of control, and certainly not involve themselves. Seriously. Let’s make this one a learning lesson.

SOME MOVEMENT HISTORY. As many know, prior to the Order I worked with Pastor Richard Butler in the original AN/CJCC office when I was in my teens (late 70’s early 80’s). I saw a lot of competitive hate slung at Pastor Butler by other leaders. HE IGNORED ALL OF IT. He never fed off into it, or even acknowledged it. In truth he had no time for it. His daily life was fulltime activism.

One case in particular has stuck with me all these years. Pastor carried sermons by Col William Gale, a fellow Identity preacher. In one of Gale’s sermons Gale got political and accused Pastor Butler of being a government agent because of his vocal Aryan Nations stance (it was pretty bad by my recollection). I brought it to Pastor’s attention, and he shrugged it off. Not only that, but he continued to carry the same cassette sermon because otherwise it had great content.

Pastor Butler ignored all of his detractors. He never fed off into slander or gossip. To him the unity of our Folk was more important than his personal reputation. All the best leaders acted this way. And you know what, their reputations remained intact despite any and all detractors.

Men and women of honor should be above mud slinging on social media. Those slandered in this way should be big enough to take it. I know it’s tempting to stand up for your friends on the internet, but people are perfectly capable of standing up for themselves. Don’t join in. Don’t fuel the fire. The best defense is to ignore it.

Why do I hate the movements? Because of division.

When people who should be one “clique up” in clubs, groups and organizations they are choosing a “side.” Intentions don’t matter. Even your individual freedom to choose becomes skewed. It is all good until someone in the lead starts making bad decisions, or dissembling from other leaders and groups who should be family. You are locked in to whatever bad decisions those leaders or groups choose for you.

People follow trends. In the 80’s and 90’s it was Skinhead movements. More recently it has become clubs and MCs. Besides being cliques, too many of those caught up in this trend see patching up in a Hollyweird way: tying everything together with crime and violence, even against our own. In the Hollyweird version everything is resolved with violence, even personal slights lead to bloodletting. Hollyweird movies need bad guys, action and drama. WE DON’T.

Don’t be a Hollywood Nazi. Don’t let Pride rule your life. There’s a reason Pride is one of the seven deadly sins.

If you truly love The Fourteen Words then you do what is in the best interest of our children and their future. You put our people first and yourself last. That is how mature men and women live. Grow up already.

— David Tate, ©2019. Permission to share IN FULL with everyone is hereby granted. No one has permission to add to my words, or twist their intent.

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