A Conversation with David Tate

A recent interview between WAU Australia and David Tate. “Does anyone really believe that venting on the internet is activism? I’m in prison and I can do that and more. Being an activist requires true action. Now act!”

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  1. Dear WAU, thanks for supporting the guys. I have known Dave Tate for about 12 years now. I have visited him at Crossroads and Chaleston 4 or 5 times over the years. We exchange mail frequently and up until the present time I was able to send him funds every couple of months. Dave brought me out of the Identity confusion and has helped me grow in the Anointed Translation of the New Testament. Sadly, I have lagged behind in my studies and I think Dave has probably caught on to my lack of knowledge, but I try to read the text as much as I can. Unfortunately, being a work slave in the beast system does not afford me the extra time to read a lot of the articles Dave provides to supplement the faith, such as his Greek language studies. However, I hope to eventually increase my knowledge and I encourage others to purchase an AST bible as it will really help one realize how mistranslated texts corrupted Identity and obviously the “worldly” denominations that umbrella under the Christian name. Lastly, if you have some extra funds, then send them to Dave or the remaining Order men that are imprisoned. The food is atrocious in Missouri’s gulags and commissary money really helps these men in terms of health and avoiding common colds, etc. As always, for FAITH and our FOLK, Jason.

  2. I intend to make copies of this article and leave them anywhere and everywhere I can. There was no greater truth than what our brother David Tate has written to us. Many thanks for a great interview and writeup! We can leave it on a shelf or locked away in cyberspace or we can learn from it and act on it in the true manner of an activist for or race. This interview was the best thing I have read in a very long time as David pierced my heart with his words, his humbleness, his undying love for our fold and his sincerity. I am happy to see also that Precept 40 is alive and well in the life of David Tate as many of our folk have been a great support and encouragement to him. Never forget! “A race must honor above all earthly things, those who have given their lives or freedom for the preservation of the folk.” Precept #40

    1. Just would like to say thank u for acknowledging mr tates studious views and translations i have had the priveledge of many conversations with brother tate and our brother larry landers while i was incarecerated at crossroads correctional center .he taught be about christian sepratism and guided me toward my farrar fenton bible ..just would like to say god bless brothers .

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