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The Greatest Man-made System Ever Created!

National Socialism, The Greatest Man-made System Ever Created!

True Colours – 2015 Calendar

We at WAU Europa have put together a 2015 calendar, ready to print, with our favourite pictures and quotes from…

“Some children have so much vitality that they can’t sit still, and won’t and can’t concentrate their attention. It seems to me useless to try to force them. I understand, of course, that such an attitude annoys the teachers. But is it just to deprive a child of the possibilities that life offers him, simply because he’s unruly?”
Adolf Hitler



#NationalSocialism is #Achievement “Thousands of young men and women come together for the greatest sports festival of the folk, the…


      #NationalSocialism is #Cheerfulnes “A cheerful spirit wins the battle!” – Frauen Warte


 #NationalSocialism is #Love “Love never ceases! If our lives are blessed with love, nothing is meaningless.” – Frauen Warte


#NationalSocialism is #Purpose “The unhappiest people are those who waste or misuse their lives through their own failings. Steel your…


  #NationalSocialism is #Heroism “What the man sacrifices in fighting for his folk, the woman sacrifices in fighting to maintain…


    #NationalSocialism is #Loyalty “I swore to follow you anywhere, even unto death” – Eva Braun


  #NationalSocialism is #Eternity “So dance, millennium, your dance Reach, spirit, for the highest joy, Destroy the hourglass of time…


   #NationalSocialism is #Creativity “Through my optimism I naturally prefer and capture the beauty in life.” – Leni Riefenstahl  


  #NationalSocialism is #Education “The youth is not only the object, but also the subject of its own education.” –…


#NationalSocialism is #Life “The sun rises each morning, whether we are sleeping or already about our day’s work. It follows…


  #NationalSocialism is #Folk “A folk is not time, a folk is not space, a folk is not day, a…


#NationalSocialism is #Joy “A person who is not joyful cannot sense joy. One needs optimism in order to live.” –…

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