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“Some children have so much vitality that they can’t sit still, and won’t and can’t concentrate their attention. It seems to me useless to try to force them. I understand, of course, that such an attitude annoys the teachers. But is it just to deprive a child of the possibilities that life offers him, simply because he’s unruly?”
Adolf Hitler



 #NationalSocialism is #Love “Love never ceases! If our lives are blessed with love, nothing is meaningless.” – Frauen Warte


    #NationalSocialism is #Loyalty “I swore to follow you anywhere, even unto death” – Eva Braun


  #NationalSocialism is #Strength “Only she can be strong who knows sorrow and deprivation. Overcoming oneself, and life, leads to…


#NationalSocialism is #Optimism “It was still lovely to wake up in the morning and feel that one was lovely one.”…


  #NationalSocialism is #Motherhood “There is no greater nobility for a woman than to be the mother of the sons…


#NationalSocialism is #Family “A home! Unity and cheerfulness must prevail in the home so that growing children are happy to…

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