Yule Safety for our Fuzzy Friends

For all who are wanting to bring a new pet into the home. It is strongly recommended you bring your new pet in a few days before or after the holiday, should you choose to do the” Look what Santa brought you” routine. You need to have a room already made up from all the hustle and bustle.

Your new pet needs to be treated as the baby it is. Remember, babies get sick easily and stress causes sickness. Additional handling and picking up the new addition to the family by eager youngsters should be avoided. Also take extra measure in doing what is b est for your new pet as well as your child.

Your Tree holds many dangers for all types of pets; tinsel is the number one on the list. Pets can not resist its shiny texture and if eaten it can require surgery to be removed from the intestines. Breakables ornaments that are hung low enough to be batted of the tree can cause cuts in paw pads or can be ingested and will also have to be surgically removed. Use garland instead of tinsel and place all breakable ornaments higher on the tree. Pet safe ornaments can be purchased and put on lower branches to keep kitties occupied!

Keep all chocolate stored and out of your pet’s reach. Even small amounts of chocolate can prove to be toxic to your pet. Poinsettias can irritate and cause some upset stomachs if you pets do any chewing on the leaves, stems or the flower itself.  if they are a must in your house keep them a place where you pets can not reach.

Dinner is a favorite to all, and most of us give holiday dinner to our pets. However it is important to only give your pet what you yourself would eat! Do not give any kind of bone that could splinter off inside your pet. Do not ever give your pet fatty scraps. If it’s not good for you, it’s not good for your pet either!

If your pet stays outside for long periods of time, provide a dry, warm, draft free, sleeping area and fresh water. Very important to remember that cats like to seek out warm engines of visitors. When leaving always check under the hood or this could be a disastrous result.

Cats and dogs are always attracted to the sweet taste of antifreeze. With even a tablespoon it could prove fatal to your pet so use a non-toxic antifreeze. You have no control of what your guests use in their cars.

Always be careful as many animals are lost each year because of the lure of antifreeze.

Julie WAU

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