You Now Have a Toddler

1. Your Child may now be able to understand how one concept relates to another. This will make it much easier for you to teach them house rules such as: “Hot” objects will “hurt you” when touched.They’ll start remembering that touching hot equals hurt and they will not be as tempted to touch an item when you tell them it’s “hot.” Be sure not to push them too quickly since this is a skill that needs to mature gradually.

2. It may be time for your child’s first haircut, yes I know some of you have experienced it and could share a horror story or two, maybe we will feature them in our next issue. You can help ease any fears they have by snipping a bit of your own hair first to show them that it doesn’t hurt. Visit the barbershop before your appointment and allow your child to see what happens in the barber’s chair. Then, when you guys get home play “barbershop” and pretend to cut the “hair” on their stuffed animals and dolls. Finally, when the big day arrives, allow them to sit on your lap rather than leaving them perched in a that big unfamiliar chair that is rather scary to them. Bring a favourite game or book in case you need something to distract your child. And of course remember to bring a Ziploc-style bag so that you can save the first curly lock of hair in your baby book.

3. Your child may now want to dress and undress themselves “oh the fun”. However, they may not be quite ready to conquer that task without a little frustration. You can make it easier for them to learn by demonstrating how you get dressed, by purchasing clothes that are easy to wiggle into and praising them when they try to do it themselves. You can also allow them to help you get them dressed: Let them pull their own pants up halfway and let them finish the job. While you enjoy their new found independence, take heart in the fact that they still need Mommy and Daddy’s assistance — once in a while!

4. If you are expecting another Aryan Baby, you will need to properly prepare your toddler. They are bound to be curious about Mommy’s growing tummy, especially when it kicks against them. Saying, “Mommy and Daddy are having a baby!” may not be enough. Start by answering any questions your Little Warrior may have. Let them know what’s happening to you by showing them pictures in baby books and pictures of themselves when they were a newborn. Take them with you to prenatal visits and, if possible, visit the hospital or birthing center where you plan to give birth. Explain how fragile a newborn baby is and practice holding a doll before the baby is born. Most of all, include your toddler whenever possible and understand their potential jealousy. Spend special time with him and encourage your spouse and other relatives to do the same. Help them understand that the new baby will grow up just like they did and that soon they’ll have a lifelong playmate.

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