White Is Beautiful Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Yes we need the sun. It’s a vital part of all our daily lives, our ecosystem, and our bodies. The sun provides us with Vitamin D, which we need in order to live a healthy life a lack of Vitamin D in the body can cause problems ranging anywhere from joint pain to colon cancer. But we also know the dangers of Cancer omitting rays from the sun, harmful UVA and UVB rays cause wrinkles, age-spots, and of course skin cancer. Here are some tips that can help protect your beautiful white skin from the sun..

* If you have fair skin, red or blond hair, light-colored eyes you are more prone to being sun burnt.
* Working or playing outside puts you at risk, check for changes in moles, freckles or birthmarks.
* Seek shade when you’re outdoors.
* Wear long sleeves and long pants, making sure they’re made of tightly woven fabrics.
* Avoid indoor sunlamps and tanning beds, since they can be more harmful to your skin than the sun.
* More than 90% of all skin cancers occur on parts of the body exposed to the sun.
* Keep young infants out of the sun. Start using sunscreen on children at 6 months of age and limit their exposure. Sunscreens are not approved for infants younger than 6 months.
* Apply sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before going outdoors and reapply every two hours.
* Avoid Direct Sun Exposure: Avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight during midday (generally from 10am to 4pm)
* Use Sunglasses That Block UV Rays: Making certain your sunglasses can block UV rays helps to guard your eyes from serious sun damage. The best constructed sunglasses should have a UV ray absorption rate of 99% to 100%.
* Remember that clouds and water won’t protect you–60% to 80% of the sun’s rays go through clouds and can reach swimmers at least one foot below the surface of the water. The sun’s rays can also reflect off water, snow and white sand.

In order to achieve that healthy, glowing look with your skin, make sure to stay out of the sun, use organic sunscreen and take advantage of a good facial moisturizer, wear sunscreen all year round, make it a part of your daily routine.


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