Water Games

With the beginning of summer comes increasing heat, and what better way to cool off than some fun in the sun with…water! Here are some great games to play with small to large groups looking to get soaked.

* Make sure there is an adult present to supervise, and take care to put sunscreen on children, even if it’s a moderately cloudy day. *

Fill the Bottlesummer clipart water ball

You need:
4 oz paper cups (1 per team)
20 oz plastic soda bottles (1 per team)
Clean bucket filled with cool water

Pair off children into teams of two. The player willing to get wet lays on the grass, holding the 20 oz bottle on their forehead. When the signal to go is given, partners run and fill their paper cups at the bucket, and try to pour the water into the 20 oz bottle held by their teammate. Once the bottle is filled, both players run to the finish line without spilling. Then switch and try again!

Wet N Wild Jumprope

You Need:
Large Jump rope
Plastic cups
Cool, clean water

The purpose of this game is to jump as many times as you can without spilling your water. While two people (children or adults) twirl the jumprope, children take turns jumping, trying to see who can keep their water. The player with the most water left after the desired number of jumps (depending on the age of the children) is the winner!

Shaving Cream Shoot Off

You need:
Filled Water guns
Shaving Cream

Depending on the number of children, either pair off or make into evenly numbered teams. One child from each team will be the “target”, and should stand away from the group, but within the water guns’ range. Using the shaving cream, spray a bullseye, x, smiley face, etc on the chest of the “target”. If swimming goggles or sunglasses are available, the children being squirted may want to wear them. Then the partners attempt to shoot off and wash away the shaving cream. If playing with teams of more than two, let each child take a turn and pass off the water gun. The first team who has shot away the target wins!

Soggy Sweats Relay Race

You need:
Buckets of cool water
Sweatshirt and sweatpants for each team

In an open area such as a lawn, divide into teams of at least two, though the more the merrier. Each team will have a pair of sweats and a full bucket of water. When the signal to go is given, the first player dunks the sweat shirt and pants in the bucket and puts them on, then runs down to the designated “end” of the lawn, field, etc, turns around, and comes back to the starting point. Then they pull off the wet clothes and pass them onto the next player. The teammate then does the same, making sure to dunk the sweats before putting them on. The first team to finish wins!

Want a simple and readily available solution to water balloons? Fill ziploc bags with water and be sure to seal them tight. These work great if you pair off children, each with a baggie of water, and set them a few paces apart facing each other. Then, when the signal is given, each player tosses the baggie to their partner. If their bag hasn’t broken, each team will take a step back and toss again, continuing until their bag is broken and someone is soaked!

Be safe and have fun with these games this summer, and remember it’s ok for you to play too!


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