Use Plastic labeled as Microwave Safe

A recent study has revealed that plastic waste will take 300 years to get mixed in with soil.

To make plastic wraps clingy and flexible, ingredients called plasticizers are used. This particular ingredient causes cancer and other health problems. All plastic wraps available in the market should be approved for microwave usage by FDA, so make sure that you are reading that labels on what you buy, i know that sometimes i am looking for what is on sale or a good deal in general, I always use plastic containers labeled as “microwave-safe” luckily nowadays most are microwave safe, i now avoid buying cheap made in china crap from the dollar store to heat up food.

On a whole, avoid plastics and use alternatives whenever you can. I used to heat up soups, beans, pasta sauce, and leftovers in plastic containers in the microwave, now when possible i pop them in a pot and heat them on the stove. We need to leave our children a clean natural world to live in, we all use the 14 words, securing our childrens existence also means leaving them with a beautiful world to live in.


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