The story of Rhiannon

The Celts were a race who lived in Britain long ago. This is a story that the British rhiannon-jansm-1.jpg Rhiannon image by cinn613people used to tell long, long ago about a Goddess of the Celts, the Goddess Rhiannon.

Lord Pwyll was a powerful man who was a leader of the Celts thousands and thousands of years ago. One day he went up onto a hill which was supposed to be magickal. It was said that if you slept the night there you would see a fabulous thing. He camped on the hill with his men and put a sentry to guard them.

In the early morning a beautiful lady came riding along the path on a beautiful white horse. And this Lady was Rhiannon. The sentry called to Lord Pwyll who told him to run in front of Her horse and stop it. But by the time the man got to the path the Lady had already ridden past. Lord Pwyll was a bit cross with the man.

The next night they camped again and again at dawn the beautiful Lady came riding on her white horse. Lord Pwyll ordered one of his men to mount his horse and stop Rhiannon. The man rode after Rhiannon but could not catch Her. If he rode fast then She rode fast too. If he slowed down then She slowed down too, always remaining the exact same distance ahead. The man came back to Lord Pwyll and told him it was impossible for him to catch Her.

On the third day Rhiannon came by again. This time Lord Pwyll had his own horse ready. It was the finest and fastest horse in the land. There was no way she would get away from him, he was sure. He jumped on his horse and rode after Rhiannon. But he too could not catch her. Again She stayed just the same distance ahead of him. They rode over the hills and through the valleys. He never cought Her up. When he went slow, She too went slow. When he rode fast, she too rode fast, always staying the same distance in front. Lord Pwyll dug in his spurs. Faster and faster they went. Finally his horse could run no more and it stopped. It was sweating and bleeding from Pwyll’s spurs. Yet Rhiannon’s horse was not tired at all. Lord Pwyll jumped off his horse and fell to his knees, calling out: “Lady! For the sake of the one you love please stop.” Rhiannon answered “I will gladly stop. And it would have been better for your horse if you had asked me sooner.”

And the moral of this story? In love as in all things, you would be better to ask than to try to take.

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