The Runes

We are not going to put any images alongside each Rune Name, far to many of us rely on images to remind us which Rune it is, we want Our Folk to know off the top of their head what the Rune looks like once they read the name. Enjoy our introduction to The Runes.

Fehu: Represents wealth or cattle, in older society and I guess in some places still today, having cattle or similar stock means that you have some kind of wealth and where able to provide for your family.

Uruz: The aurochs where a wild ox, if you look at the rune and then imagine an auroch coming towards you, to confront you, its head would be down and its horns would form the Uruz rune. This rune is all about primal urges, strength, courage and raw power. I love the primordial force of this rune.

Thurisaz: Look at the rune and imagine a thorn from a rose bush. This is a rune of protection and repelling, a thorn also attacks and draws blood.

Ansuz: This rune always makes me think of Odin. Its a rune of intelligence, it reminds of how little I know. Its almost a cosmic intelligence, beyond most of our understanding. Its also articulate and cunning.

Kenaz: Do you ken? or Do you know? This is a rune of knowledge, but its a torch of knowledge, it lights up the path of where we should be going. If I am given this rune, and open up my mind, I know I will be flooded with truth.

Gebo: A gift and one of the most powerful gifts we receive is the gift of friendship, love or partnership.

Wunjo: This is my oh great rune, when I receive it, I just feel a pulse of joy.

Hagalaz: Is a rune I am in awe of, its a rune of destruction. I just love the power that you can feel about the rune, even saying the word is powerful. Its a rune of hail, think of you on your little farm, think of the destruction hail would bring, crops die, nothing to feed yourself, family or animals over the long winter, many would not well survive the damage and the repercussions of hail. Its a destructive natural force, and for me, that is something to be in awe of, and it reminds us that everything must end, so that new can begin. Although survive of the repercussions of hail is demanding, it can be a cleansing experience, at some level.

Nauthiz: When I have receive this rune it kind of jolts me. I think is that what is needed? This needs to occur? Sometime when it comes up I think its making me ask, is this a need or a want? Am I or who ever I am reading for, being honest regarding their true objectives. Sometimes I think it comes up when I am almost manipulating a reading, trying to find what the person wants the reading to say, when really my instincts and the runes are telling me different. It kinda slaps me in the face at times.

Isa: Ice, frozen, stop, take time, leave it till it thaws, put that idea on hold, do not change, persevere, or there is a coldness around this idea or situation.

Jera: Oh I love this rune. Its about harvest, it will take time to harvest, but it will occur. And for something to harvest, it has to be fertilized first, so its also a sexual rune, you know that old saying about plowing the fields, sowing the seeds, they have an agricultural, an intellectual and a sexual meaning.

Eihawz: It took me a long time to get this rune. It relates the Yew tree, a tree that has been long used to make items such as bows and magical implements such as wands. For me, its a direction of power, saying yes, this is good, it is powerful and there is magic about it, go a head and do it, forces are behind you, supporting you and directing this action. It a primeval forceful rune, and I did not understand this rune until Uller showed himself to me as a hunter. It is also came time me at a time I was wondering about celebrations of seasonal festivities, seeing I live in Australia, the seasons where mixed up and I had trouble relating to seasonal celebrations and choose to almost celebrate none. When the rune came to me, it was only days before Yule, some of you may be familiar with the Australian Santa Clause, wearing shorts, thongs, with the hat and the big red coat, Uller kind of came to me that way, adapted for the Yule in the Southern hemisphere. It made me realize that I should definitely celebrate Yule in December that the forces had adapted to Australia but we should still celebrate according to the northern tradition.

Pertho: Oh I love this rune as well. It is a purse, it is hidden, it is a womb, it is female knowledge, it is also a bit of a back off rune, sometimes, when you pick it up, its like the back off, this is hidden from you and you are not suppose to know it, you are not a wise woman. It is secretive, the secret knowledge of women. Also, it is the All-Mothers rune, other times when it appears, Frigga is saying, I will protect this, I will mother this with all the guile of my womanhood. You know if its a back off or this is a secret or a rune of motherhood and calm nurturing the moment you pick it up.

Algiz: I am always so happy to be given this rune. I just think Life when I pick it up. Also protection.

Suwulo: A rune of the sun, it makes me think of the sun shining, giving its blessing, but this rune has a force, you know when the sun shines in your eyes, it has got that unrelenting power, a momentum behind it.

Teiwaz: A rune of judgement, wisdom and outcome. Most folk believe it is positive, but sometimes I feel rather downhearted when I receive the rune, maybe acknowledging the battle needed for victory.

Oh yet again, I love this rune. Feminine knowledge, power, understanding, feminine fertility and birth. It makes me think of midwives, who historically have been wise women.

Ehwaz: A rune of horses, movement, moving forward with force. Sometimes a little unpredictable, like a horse.

Relates to mankind, so it is not always masculine. It is not a rune I have a deep understanding of, it does not often crop up for me in a reading.

Laguz: Oh I like this rune a lot, it is of women’s understanding and sorcery. If you get a flood of warmth when you hold this rune, it is very positive.

Inguz: Sex and fertility, need I say more, it is a great rune. For me, it always brings Freya to mind, and her powers.

Othila: Inheritance, our people, our home, and our homeland.

Dagaz: This is the rune of the day. It makes me think, this will occur sooner then later.

WAU Pagan

The WAU Sisterhood
Estd 1990

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