Prosperity Herbs

Alfalfa —          prosperity and $milk_thistle.jpg herbs image by 12gofish

Allspice —        burned as incense to attract $ or luck and added to sim. Mixtures.

Almond —        kernels, wood, or leaves used in prosperity & $ spells.  Climbing an almond tree said to ensure success in business ventures.

Almond Oil –            in Prosperity rites and $ incense

Aloe —             aloe trimmed garlic wreaths hung in home in Mexico for luck and money.

Ash —              burn ash wood at Yule for prosperity

Banana —         leaves, flowers and fruits of banana used in prosperity $$$ spells

Bayberry –            prosperity in the home “luck to your home and gold to your pocket”.

Benzoin —        cinnamon and basil – burn to attract customers

Bistort —          for $ attracting sachets and added to wealth & $$ incenses

Black Snakeroot – carried to attract money

Blackberry —   leaves and berries used in wealth spells

Bladderwrack (Kelp) – scrub floors and doors of business with infusion to attract customers and bring good vibes into store.  Also, in money spells.  Fill small jar with whiskey, add kelp, cap tightly and place in kitchen window.  Ensures steady flow of money into the household.

Blue Flag —      carry root for financial gain.  Also, root in register to increase business

Bluebell —        luck

Briony root–    $ near a root will increase as long as it remains there

Bromeliad —     protection/money

Buckwheat —   ground and in circles while working magic.  Add to money incenses and keep some in kitchen to avoid poverty.

Calamus —       root in kitchen corners protects against poverty

Camelia —        riches and luxuries.  Blossoms for prosp/$$ rituals

Cascara Sagrade – money spells — also sprinkle infusion around home before going to any court proceeding.  It will help you win your case.

Cashew —        prosperity & money

Cedar —           in wallet draws money —-in incenses

Chamomile – to draw money

Chamomile —   to attract money.  Infusion as hand wash by gamblers to insure winning

Chicory —        promotes frugality

Cinnamon and Cinquefoil – for money, love, health, power and wisdom.  To increase riches: Cinq, cloves, lemon balm, and whole vanilla bean or tonka bean

Clove —           burned, attracts riches, and to stop others from gossiping about you

Clover —          leads wearer to money or treasures (5-leaved)

Comfrey —       in suitcases on travels prevents theft.  Used in $$ spells

Devil’s shoestring – carry when asking for a raise

Dill —               money spells

Elder —            prosperity, grown near home bring it

Fenugreek —    add few fenugreek seed to mop water (or small amount of infusion).  Half-fill small jar w/F and leave open in house to attract money.  Add few seeds each day till full.  Empty jar & return seeds to ground.  Begin again.

Fern —             guides to treasures

Fir Wand –            Used for prosperity rites

Flex —              Seeds used in $ spells; in shoe protects against poverty; seeds in wallet, pocket, or purse.

Fumitory —       infusion around home or rubbed on shoes weekly draws $$

Galangel —       in leather sachet with silver draws $$

Garlic —           anti-theft

Ginger —          roots planted or powder sprinkled in pockets/money draws $ success spells

Goldenrod–     flower dowses for lost objects or treasures.  Grows suddenly near door, good fortune.  Money spells

Goldenseal —   money spells

Gorse —           money spells; attracts gold

Grains of Paradise __ in $/luck sachets

Grape —           money spells

High John the Conqueror – anoint root with mint oil and tie in green or purple bag to attract $$$. As oil for anointing.

Honesty (money plant) seedpods resemble silver coins.  Place one beneath green candle, burn down to socket or place in purse or pocket to draw $$

Honeysuckle –Ring green candles with H to draw $$, or in vase in house.  If grows near house – good fortune

Horse Chestnut – Wrap $1 bill around buckey, place in sachet.  Carry to attract $$.  Also, for success in all things.

Hyssop –            to increase finances

Irish Moss —    beneath rugs to increase luck/ensure steady flow of $ into house and pockets.  Stuff luck/money poppets.

Jasmine —        flowers will draw wealth and money if carried, burned or worn.

Juniper —         anti-theft

Kava-kava —   luck

Lucky hand —  sachets and conjure bags for luck/success.  Soak in rose oil.  Remove and wear in pocket, wallet or purse for $$

Mandrake —    whole root on mantel – protect/prosperity.  Money (esp. silver) beside Mandrake said to double.

Maple —          money rituals

May Apple —   (Belladona) money

Mint –               prosperity spells to increase business. Leaves and scent in money spells. Leaves in wallet or purse where money is kept.

Moonwort–     (money spells.) in box or bag produces silver.

Moss —            carrying graveyard moss in pocket ensures financial luck

Myrtle —          money spells

Nutmeg —        money spells – ground and sprinkled on green candies

Oak —             Plant acorn in dark of moon to ensure receiving $$ in near future

Oats —             prosp/$$ spells

Onion —           burn onion peel or skins to attract riches

Orange —         added to prosperity powders, incenses

Oregon Grape- draw $$ and financial security

Patchouli —      $/prosp. Spells.  Sprinkle onto $$, add to purse, wallet and around base of green candles

Pea —              shelling brings fortune and profit in business.  Dried peas used in money mixtures

Pecan —           $/prosp. Spells

Peony –             for customers, success in bus. Good fortune

Periwinkle —    attract money

Pine —              money spells

Pineapple —     dried peel or flesh added to money mixtures

Pipsissewa —    carry to attract money

Pomegranate –branch dowses for concealed wealth, attracts money to possessor, dried skin added to wealth and money incenses.

Poplar —          buds and leaves carried to attract money, add to $4 incense

Poppy —          carry dried seedpod or seeds as prosperity amulets

Poppy —          eaten or carried to attract luck and money

Prosperity incense = parts clove, nutmeg, lemon balm, cedar, poppy seed.  Moisten with few drops of honeysuckle oil, almond oil – on Thurs. in waxing moon.

Rattlesnake root – infusion rubbed onto hands or feet to lead the anointer to money

Rice —             added to money spells

Rowan —         used in power, luck and success sachets

Sarsaparilla–    mixed with cinnamon/sandalwood powder and sprinkled around premises to draw money

Sassafras —      in purse or wallet to draw money.  Also in incense

Sesame —        jar of seeds left open in house draws cash to it.  Change the seeds every month

Snakeroot —    good luck talisman.  Leads bearer to money.

Squill —            (sea onion) in jar or box/add silver coins

Star anise —     luck

Straw —           luck

Strawberry —   luck

Success incense – cinnamon/benzoin in equal parts/ success in business

Sumbul —         worn for luck

Sweet Basil – to attract business and money

Tea —              (black tea, china tea) burn leaves to ensure future riches.  Add to $$ mixtures and sachets

Tomato —        on mantle to bring prosperity to home

Tonka —          beans – worn/carried to attract money, bring luck

Trillium —         attracts money and luck

Tulip —             guard against poverty

Vervain –          assists in obtaining material objects and stimulate creativity especially success in performing and creative arts. Bury in fields to increase crops.

Verwain —       money & prosp. Spells; wealth buried in garden or placed in the house, wealth will flow and plants will thrive

Vetivert —        money spells and mixtures.  In register to increase business.  Carry for luck; burn for anti-theft

Violet —           bring change in luck and fortune

Wheat —          Wheat in home or in sachets to attract money

Winter’s bark — carry/burn for success

Wood rose —   carry for luck and fortune; in home to ensure luck.

Yellow Dock — $$$ spells/incenses, infusion sprinkled about business attracts customers

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