Paper vs Cloth

We have started to eliminate kitchen rolls from our house, i buy one and make it last us a month, i make sure to buy ones that are made from recycled paper and not from Trees.

To further ensure that you are helping the environment to remain toxic free there are a few simple things that you can do:

*Use Cloth Rags, decrease your use of paper towels or the new “Disposable Wipes.” Such products are bleached, and are therefore toxins. Recycle old clothing, sheets and towels into rags. Wash once a week and you’ll never have to waste money on paper products again.


I’ve always used cloth towels for the kitchen. When i’m cleaning the house I use a feather duster and old shirts for the wood cleaner. Sometimes I can’t help but use paper towels for certain things but I’ve come a long way from using 5 to 6 rolls a month to 1 or 2 a month.

Sarah – USA

I never use paper towels, I just use facewashers that I wash, or a feather duster. Or even an old newspaper to clean out lets say the bottom of the grill, then I go over it with a face washer. Also I don’t really use cleaning solutions, just hot soapy water, elbow grease and bicarb soda.

Peta – WAU Australia

We use only cloth napkins and we also use cloth diapers. Little Lambs make some great diapers. I always use an old wash cloth for dusting. I would like to eliminate even more paper usage from our house.

Gretchen – USA

We also use cloth napkins and I have always used rags to clean with. I think the only thing I use paper towels for is degreasing foods like bacon because I don’t want cloth left on our food.


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