Pagan Months

JANUARY is Januarius, named in Honour of the Roman God Janus. He is shownpentagrambesom.jpg PAGAN image by Eagleluss as having two faces, one in front, the other at the back of his head, supposedly to symbolize his powers.

FEBRUARY is Februarius, this name is derived from Februa in Honour of the Roman festival of general expiation and purification. It was originally the month of expiation.

MARCH is Martius, in Honour of the Roman God Mars, he is the Roman God of War.

APRIL is Aprilis, it comes from the Latin APRILIS, indicating a time of Fertility. It was believed that April is the month when the earth opens to produce new fruits and plants.

MAY is Maius, in Honour of the Goddess Maia, she was identified with Maia Maiestas (also called Fauna, Bona Dea (the Good Goddess) and Ops), a Goddess who may be equivalent to an old Italic goddess of spring.

JUNE is Junius, in Honour of the Roman Goddess Juno, the female mighty one of marriage, the wife of Jupiter in Roman mythology. She was also called the Queen of heaven and Queen of mighty ones.

JULY Julius, in Honour of Roman emperor Julius Caesar. This is the seventh month of the Gregorian year.

AUGUST Augustus, in Honour of Roman emperor Augustus Caesar. The name was originally from Augure, which means, to increase.

SEPTEMBER is derived from the Latin septem, meaning seven.

OCTOBER comes from the Latin root octo, meaning eight.

NOVEMBER is derived from Latin novem, meaning ninth.

DECEMBER is derived from the Latin decem, meaning ten.

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