Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger was an ambitious role model for the women of the movement today. She founded Planned Parenthood for the sake of using contraceptives on the non-white races and the imbeciles of our own race. She was a woman who was deeply rooted in eugenics and took to heart what Hitler wanted to do: Produce and Elite race of Aryans.

She formed a contraceptive project called “Sangers 1939 Negro Project”, which was an attempt to get Negroes to take birth control pills and to be sterilized. The project was quite successful. Soon clinics throughout the South were distributing contraceptives to blacks and Margaret’s dream of discouraging “the defective and diseased elements of humanity” from their “reckless and irresponsible swarming and spawning” was at last being fulfilled.

In a 1926 speech at Vassar, Sanger said that the nation needed to follow the “drastic immigration laws” of 1924 with methods “to cut down on the rapid multiplication of the unfit and undesirable at home”. In a march, 1939 letter, Margaret Sanger explained to Frank Boudreau, director of the Milbank Memorial Fund:”.. That is not asking or suggesting a cradle competition between the intelligent and the ignorant, but a drastic curtailment of the birth rate at the source of the unfit, the diseased and the incompetent. The birth control clinics all over the country are doing their utmost to reach the lower strata [the minorities] of our population.

Like Adolf Hitler, Margaret Sanger considered herself to be part of the genetically superior elite who had to protect themselves against “hereditary taints”. She set out to start a “New Race” – “A Race of Thoroughbreds”. Her elitist attitude was clearly at odds with the leftist, social worker image that is commonly attributed to her by the mass media.

Margaret Sanger risked going to jail for informing people of contraceptives. She used the pill to stunt the growth of the ever-growing tide of minorities. For a woman who has done so much and risked as much as she did, she should be looked upon as a role model and leader and her faith for the cause will always stay with us.

Women of the Southern Legion
WAU Australia

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