How to relieve menstrual pain

How to relieve menstrual pain by Vanessa WAU

Menstrual pain is nothing more than cramps in your uterus muscles. Despite being only cramps for some women these are the worst pain they ever felt. Most women had felt these at least once in their lives. Age, pregnancy or birth control pills can make this pain stop although for those who do not use birth control pills and don’t plan on being pregnant here are a few tips.

1. Take a hot shower, try to keep warm or put over your kidneys or belly a hot water bag. This will help you to relax your muscles.

2. Eat vitamin B6, C and E, it will help to relax your uterus. (Useful food: spinach, whole bread, eggs, oranges, olive oil, sea food.)

3. Have sex regularly: Sexual activity will make you to exercise your uterus muscles. Some experts say that having sex at least 4 times a week should be enough to relax the muscles. Also if you are in awful pain and the blood do not bother you or your partner, have sex. The pain will go away right away. This is the most natural away to get rid of these pains and have been reported to be used by ancient women.

4. Avoid eating salt and drink plenty of water so you don’t have any excess salt in your body and do not get so bloated.

5. Avoid getting cold and wear no shoes inside. Don’t go outside with your hair wet or take too long to dry yourself after a shower. This will make your body temperature get lower. If it is winter wear long shirts so your belly and kidneys are warm.

6. Do exercise regularly; even if you feel you cannot move with the pain, go walk and get fresh air, the pain will start to go away slowly although some women rather rest, staying quite in some cases can even make the pain worse.

7. Do not stress, or get angry. This will make your relaxing process stop and probably will make the pain worst.

8. Drink relaxing teas like chamomile. The tea will make you warm and relaxed.

9. Have a massage or ask someone to massage your belly or kidneys. Massaging help to relieve the pain.

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