Gift from the Gods

A Tribute To Don Miguel Serrano

On the morning of February 28, 2009, I was awoken by an ominous and unfortunately prophetic dream. The dream consisted of our chief tribal god Wotan and only his raven Hugin was perched on his right shoulder. Then his other raven Munin returned and reported his findings back to Allfather Wotan. I awoke afterwards and tried to comprehend what the dream signified. The same day I looked to the writings of Dr. Carl Gustav Jung to try and comprehend the symbolism.

A raven in a dream can represent different things, but one thing in particular that they represent is an ill omen or they forebode death. It was the morning of March 2, 2009 that I finally came to realize what the dream was telling me. A comrade reported to me that the great Wotanist Don Miguel Serrano (September 10, 1917 – February 28, 2009) had passed on from Midgard. In this dream Wotan’s raven, Mugin, was reporting back that one of his great warriors had fulfilled his current incarnation and was once again ready to be received in the great halls of Valhalla.

There is a saying that goes, “Everyman dies, not every man truly lives.” To say that Miguel Serrano didn’t live life to the fullest would be a major understatement. To record Serrano’s life briefly would be a severe injustice to this phenomenal and brilliant Aryan philosopher. Memorializing Miguel Serrano in writing would require massive volumes. One day in the future I would hope to see his life recorded by those who truly understood the value of the gifts this astounding man gave to the world. His life was unparalleled in greatness and majesty. I am reminded of a story that Serrano told in his book, “C .G. Jung and Hermann Hesse.” In the conclusion of this book Serrano speaks of a discussion he had with a friend named Bochi Sen. Serrano’s words on the meeting: “Bochi Sen then spoke about Dr. Jung, whom he had visited many years before in Zurich. They had discussed reincarnation, and Jung had said that if he had the opportunity to choose his next life, he would select the same one that he had already led.” Serrano continues, “This is a way of saying that, like Hesse, he had lived his life fully, grasping all its feeling. Both of these men found full satisfaction in their work because it was an expression of their very being.”

Serrano lived his life to the fullest and it can also justifiably be said that if he were to choose his next life he would likewise choose the same life he had. He was Chile’s ambassador to Austria, Yugoslavia, India, Romania and Bulgaria. He is the author of over forty books which recorded his meetings with great Aryans, Aryan mysticism, and also Aryan philosophy. He had close friendships with the likes of Carl Jung, Hermann Hesse, Ezra Pound, Savitri Devi, and several close National Socialist friends and confidants of Adolf Hitler. Plus many other great Aryan thinkers and warriors. The knowledge he shared with them and likewise the knowledge they shared with him, he has shared with us. For his life’s struggle to awaken the dormant Aryan Wotanist spirit within us, we owe him a the deepest amount of gratitude. His sacrifices and dedication represent everything which proud Aryans live and die for.

Our racial enemies, those who spirits serve chaos and disorder of the Natural World, would only refer to him as a “Neo-Nazi”. They use only derogatory terminology to attempt to drown out the significance of what a great and noble man he truly is. Their words will not stand the test of time. Their words are based on their deep-rooted spiritual and racial hate they have for our race. Their misguided followers’ opinions are simply based on ignorance and nothing more.

Thanks be to the Gods for the Gift they gave us which is Don Miguel Serrano! Midgard’s loss is Valhalla’s gain. Your tour of duty here has been fulfilled. You now sit amongst the Gods of Asgard and also our fallen Aryan heroes.

Heil Miguel Serrano!
Heil Wotan!
Heil Victory!


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