Giant Cookies

A giant decorated cookie makes a fantastic alternative to a birthday cake; my husband’s birthday is a week before our son’s, so instead of having two cakes, I did a decorated cookie instead.


The recipe I used was our family’s favorite, which is just the one on the back of Tollhouse chocolate chips. I made the dough as usual and chilled I before putting it on the pant; I do this with cookies anyway, because they will spread less.

The pan I used was a 15-inch pizza pan; I placed parchment paper on first to limit spreading as well as to keep the cookie from sticking to the pan. This was very useful because I was able to simply slide the whole thing off without any breakage.

I spread the dough to within an inch of the edge to prevent it from cooking over; if you use a smaller pan, you will need to leave out some of the dough. Do not make it too thick or your cookie will not be cooked all the way through; this is especially true if you are using parchment paper because it will not spread out any thinner than you initially do.

My cookie cooked for 18 minutes at 375 degrees, but your cooking time will vary depending on the size of your cookie and your own oven. Cook it as you would other chocolate chip cookies, until take out just before it is cooked all the way. Let it cool on the pan for ten minutes and the cookie will finish baking and will set. Cool the cookie completely before icing.

I decorated my cookie with regular canned vanilla frosting tinted with Wilton dyes. I also put the cookie on a cardboard cake board that I cut to fit afterwards. As you can see, the cookie was torn into immediately before I got the final picture.

This turned out wonderfully and is a new favorite in our household!

Amanda NC

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