From Egg to Baby

In the first trimester, your baby’s major organs will begin to form. Your body begin showing the first signs of pregnancy. Some changes, like breast changes, appear in the first month. By the end of the third month, a swelling abdomen may tell the world that you are pregnant – though not all women show this early. You will also feel most of the major discomforts of pregnancy, such as nausea, heartburn, frequent urination and fatigue, during the earliest months.

In your second trimester, your baby will grow from about 4 inches to almost a foot in length. Your uterus will expand and begin to push against the organs in your abdomen. Your baby will probably make itself known with beginning movements. These movements are also known as “quickening” and, by the sixth month, possibly a few kicks. These months will probably be the easiest for you during your pregnancy.

During the third trimester, your baby will grow rapidly, gaining about one-half pound a week and reaching about 20 inches in length. You may feel some kicks and even be able to get a sense of how the baby is positioned. Your baby’s growth may cause discomfort, such as increased frequency of urination and shortness of breath, as your uterus expands beneath your diaphragm (the muscle layer just below your lungs). As your body prepares for birth, you may feel early contractions, your baby will move lower in your uterus, and your cervix, the opening at the neck of your uterus, will soften.


Resource – Mayo Clinic Complete Book Of Pregnancy and Baby’s First Year

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