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The need for a good family and strong community for White folk is becoming a and higher priority in our decadent modern world. There is a plague which threatens our bloodlines and its leading to the extinction of our culture; this plague is called multi-culturalism. More and more our White youth is being taught through the ZIONIST and Christian media that the only way to be accepted in society is to embrace some foreign culture or date someone not of your folk. This is what YOU, as a Proud White individual, need to smash, destroy and purge from the minds of your children.

The lies taught to our children by these sick and perverted parasites must be taken care of by any means necessary. The only way for us as a people to achieve this is through family and community building. This is the only way to educate and open the eyes of our folk, especially our youth. The youth, our children, should be the main reason we fight. For many of our Aryan brothers and sisters, the slogan of this Pro White Movement is the 14 words by David Lane: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”

We must teach them that this indoctrination of foreign culture to them is false, wrong, immoral and goes against everything in our Aryan DNA. We must teach them the dangers of multi-culturalism, that everything they see on television or hear on the radio is being taught to brainwash them into never knowing anything about their past, heritage and culture. ZOG wants to pollute Aryan bloodlines and destroy our race by using the ignorant subhuman as their tool to do it by mixing with our women and men, thus diluting our pure Aryan genes. If we do not follow the lessons of our ancestors and learn from what they did we will surely lose this battle and our children’s future to race mixing, drugs and sexual deviancy. Do you want to have your child growing up into a homosexual or trans-gender freak? Do you want your children to grow up into a heroin addicted nobody who will degrade themselves to get their next fix?

If we do not wake up and open our blind eyes to what is going on around us, then our future, the future of our entire race, will surely be a bleak one. The only way to effectively save our people and our children from extinction is by starting a solid family and community building for our folk.


Family building is the cornerstone of our movement; it is the pillar of our existence as a race. How are we ever to go forward as a race if we do not have a future to look forward too? The best way for us to ensure the existance of our race and preservation of our blood is by starting a family, for there is no more positive growth for our great nation than that of a newborn child.

Bringing more White children into this world and ensuring the future of our race is the main key to our survival and what we fight for. Everyone must remember that its one thing to be a “mom” or a “dad” and it is another to be a mother and a father. When you bring children into this world and decide to start a family be sure you can support them, or you are no better than the negros living on people’s hard working tax dollars. Live your life for your family because when you and I are gone, the youth will carry on our legacy, our fight for honour, everything we have worked for and everything we and other brave, fallen comrades have fought to teach and give them. They will one day be the leaders of our people, and you want to have taught them well.

Teach them all you can; educate them; teach them where they come from by giving them books to read and talking to them about history and their past. Give them pride in themselves and their ancestors, for one cannot know where they are going in life unless they first know where they came from. Always make sure to do what you as an Aryan warrior and Proud White parent think will help them to see through the lies of multi-culturalism so that they may live for their folk. Raise them to be strong both mentally and physically by having them read, write and learn from history along with being healthy and active people. Make them into educated and respectable warriors for W.O.T.A.N. who will fight and fight well for our cause while still having compassion and love in their hearts.

Find yourself a good White Woman who will make a good wife and mother, treat her like the precious creature she is because the White Woman is the greatest creation the gods have ever blessed this world with. If it was not for women, there would be no children, our race would surely die off and that would be the end of us. When you have found this Woman, appreciate her, love her and treat her with the respect she deserves. Make her feel like the goddess she is, because if you don’t we will lose our women to the blacks and other subhumans under ZOG’s control.

Love your children, always talk to them, even as babies, as children hear voices and pick up on things, the earlier they can pick up on things you say and learn, the better. Listen to them and spend time with them, whether it is reading them a book before bed, taking them fishing or for a walk, connect with your children and form a strong bond. We certainly need more White children in this world, but we need level headed white children, not mentally and morally ill teenagers who have turned their backs on their folk because mommy or daddy did not pay enough attention to them; we don’t need another Columbine on our hands we need educated youth to lead the way for our folk.

You must be more than mere parents; you must be a Mother and a Father to your offspring and make them feel like they are everything in the world to you because that is what every Aryan child deserves. Let them see your love for your folk then they will pick up on it, learn from you and follow in your footsteps.


Long ago, our ancestors relied on a tight community structure for survival. There were clans, families, and tribes who would support each other, whether it be hunting, raising children or on the field of battle. They never turned their backs on one another and were always there to help out a fellow community member when need be.

Today, we as Aryan Men and Women need to revive this idea of a strong healthy community, one that’s out for the best interests of our folk. A lone warrior is easily singled out and oppressed by the tyrannical agents of ZOG, but men and women united in a common cause are far harder to silence.

Some people might ask, “Well how do we do such a thing? We do not need to hunt for food anymore. We don’t need to build houses; we live in a modern world” and they are right; we do live in a modern world, but what about building safe playgrounds for our children and our folk’s children? They need a place to enjoy their young lives. Get together with a group of comrades and clean up your local area; pick up garbage and clean up the area of anything that might be of danger to youth; paint over any graffiti that there might be in these areas. Put some money together through a local community donation in order to buy a swing set or other playground equiptment for the children; make a sandbox for them to play in and make friends with other white children. Childhood friendships are always the strongest bonds people share. If our future grows up happy and spiritually nourished they will flourish as adults and do great things for our race.

Yet another great thing you could do is helping out single mothers. Everyone knows that not all men are true men, but little immature boys and will run when faced with the responsibility of a child. As such, we have many single mothers out there, trying to raise children on their own, while trying to pay the bills and simply make it by in life. If you see a single white mother in your community, get together a little money to help her out, because maybe someday it will be you and your kin that will need help.

Always be ready to give for your folk no matter what, even if its 3 dollars from your pocket, the 3 dollars from you, 5 dollars from one of your comrades, 2 dollars from a community member across the street, you have ten dollars to go towards some canned food for the child and mother. If your wife does not work while a local single mother does, make arrangements for your significant other to look after her child while she is at work to make things easier on her. Again, you never know when you might need the same favour from her or someone else in the future. Even if you never have any association with the mother or child again, you will have made a valuable contribution to your community. Make sure to always be looking out for the best interest of our folk, and always be alert to threats to your family and community.

In order for us as an Aryan people to ever defeat ZOG and the powers oppressing our folk, is to go back to the ancient archetypes of European family and community ideals. Both these tools have for long been unused by our folk as means of preserving our culture and ultimately defeating our foes; this is something we must change if we hope to secure a future for our children. Alone we are but scattered militants, warriors, mothers and fathers but together as families and communities we are an army of strong, educated soldiers ready to fight and die for our cause. If we do not commit to return to these simple Aryan ideals our daughters will be lost to the black slaves of ZOG and our future children will be nothing more than more members of the ever Jewish Miscegenation TV generation.

So what say you, Proud Aryan Men and Women? Will you follow the ancient ways of family and community to a better future for our children in a whiter and brighter world? Or will you keep on marching blindly down the same road as the rest of the herd and in the end surely lose your children to race mixing, drugs, and decadent sexual behaviour? Everything rests on your shoulders: your future, your children’s future and the future of your race and nation. Will you stand tall and heed the call of your blood? Only you and you alone can change this world.

By Vinlands Hammer 2004 –

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