Eco Racialism by KCR

As Aryans –nature’s highest and finest creation– we must realize that we are very much a part of the material universe and being so, are subject to laws of the universe. What the unfortunate problem is that mankind thinks himself independent of these laws that surround and govern him. That is a large part of why we as a people and the environment that we live in are unhealthy. Our folk will remain trapped in this way of thinking until we fully grasp the biological realities of self and how we collectively effect the government around us. Only then will we truly have the ability to utilize these laws to further our quest for the biological advancement of our people.

The Eco-Racialist school, of thought is Anthropocentric in nature – we believe that humanity is the centric focus of the universe, and with Aryan kind being at the top of the hierarchical ladder, we have a duty to use our talents, skills, and abilities to protect the world we live in. We fully understand that the Earth can survive without us yet, we can not survive without the Earth but, seeing how it is not our desire to cease existing, we must continue to strive in our attempts in maintaining a healthy environment conducive not only to sustaining life but allowing life to thrive and continue to evolve towards a higher state of biological existence.

Mainstream environmentalists DO NOT have our best interests in mind. Since the 60’s they have continued to lean farther to the left and have somehow convinced themselves that humanity is beneath all non-human life. Their focus is not the protection of human life but all other forms of life and non-life– even at the expense of the progression of our people.

Eco-Racialists believe in and advocate a true form of biocentrism/anthropocentrism. We recognize that there is a natural hierarchical order in all things and that ones biological/genetic make up is a large factor in hierarchy. This belief compels us to hold the preservation, progression and proliferation of our unique biological make-up as the focal point of our environmental (hence the term Eco-Racialist) stance. We do care for and respect the planet –not only due to the fact that it is important to protect our global home but also, because we understand that we must protect our environment if we are to protect our well being –mind, body and soul. We are not against the abuse of these resources by individuals and companies who only see dollar signs when they look at the various forms of energy that other Earth offers us.

To fully grasp the Eco-Racialist ideology one must understand themselves and their place in the cosmic order of things. We must realize that we are connected to the Earth –having sprung forth from its womb, which itself sprang forth from the womb of the universe. This, level of self-awareness will then awaken us to our biological destiny– that our Race and its Nationhood are developing organisms like that of the body of the man, and like any other advanced organism, we best thrive in am environment that is healthy and conducive to our continued evolutionary.

Nature has and always will decree survival of the species and any that deny their natural instincts will at some point become extinct. For us, environmentalists with a foundation built on strong racial principals, demand that we need nature’s laws and protect that which in turn will protect us.

The first man who learned anything useful was taught by Nature; let nature teach us as she taught him.’ PARACLESUS

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