Easy decoration ideas

Sometimes we all get bored of how our home looks like and want to make chttp://www.missouriplants.com/Yellowopp/Helianthus_divaricatus_flowers.jpghanges without spending too much money on it. Not all decorating ideas require much time or money investment. Here’s a few tips on how to make a new look for your home:

-Try rearranging your furniture. Take them away from the walls and position them in different angles. A sofa that is arranged diagonally across a small living room makes the room look wider, for instance.

-Try painting a wall. You can paint one wall with your favourite color and make it draw attention. You can hang some nice art on that wall and place some furniture there. However, make sure that the color is not in conflict with the other objects and fabrics of the room.

-Buy plants. They always bring some fresh looks into the room. If you’re not the type who has a green thumb you can also buy silk plants and trees. Nowadays it’s hard to distinguish them from real plants!

-Lay a rug-area. It’s a great way of creating a conversation area. You can lay it at an angle beneath the coffee table.

– Use mirrors and pictures. Hang pictures that reflect of who you are. Try ornate frames. With mirror, try positioning it so that it reflects some nice view. You can also frame photos of your friends and family and place them on shelves and tables. This makes the room look cozy and comfortable.

-Use group figures. If you have collectibles of some kind, use them to show off your personality and you interests.

-Use decorative pillows. They are an easy way to add color and patterns to your room.

-Change your curtains. This can make a whole new look for your room. Remember to match the curtains with the rest of the fabrics.

-Replace old lamps. This gives your room an up-to-date impression. Different kinds of lamps bring details and light tohttp://farm4.static.flickr.com/3071/2839093877_2d80b89f80.jpg?v=0 your room. Notice that you can also use coloured lamps that create softer light.

-Find a throw or an afghan. Like pillows, they add colour and texture to your furnitures. They come in all kinds of fabrics, some more allergy-friendly than others.

-Use candles. They create soft light and atmosphere to the room.

-Avoid disorder. It tends to eliminate the nice atmosphere of the room. Use storage boxes for papers, toys and other items that take away room in your home. These boxes come in all shapes and colors, and thus they can also be used to complete your decoration.

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Source: Some tips by M. Holland

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