Does your baby have a stuffy nose?

My niece always seemed to have a stuffy nose when she was a baby, and it can make life hard at times for both parent and child; the poor baby was miserable and all she could do about it was to cry.

When my niece’s nose was stuffed, we had success using a nasal bulb aspirator a few times, but on occasion when it didn’t work we used a salt-water nasal pump. Check the label before you buy any nasal spray for an infant or a small child – even the “children’s” cold medicine will usually have something on the label about not using it on a child under six years old.

You could make your own if you are desperate and very handy. Make your own saline nasal spray by mixing eight ounces of warm (boiled first) water with one-half teaspoon of salt. Pour into an empty OTC nasal spray bottle (you may have to remove the nozzle with pliers) and shake. This spray is good for relieving a stuffy nose caused by colds or allergies and for moistening dry nasal passages. It is also much cheaper than medicated OTC sprays.

Saline sprays containing menthol or eucalyptus should not be used for babies since it is reported that the respiration of a baby can be slowed down or even stopped if menthol or eucalyptus (or peppermint oil) is close enough for the baby to even breathe it.


References: Health911 and Baby Care by Jan Smith

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