Diary of a New Mother

It is 3 am and my little guy is wide-awake. Nothing like having days and nights mixed up. He is so content looking though, even ashttp://www.modernmediamom.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/dear-diary.jpg I sit here and look at him in his car seat kicking around, trying to make objects out. It’s hard to believe he will be two weeks old on Friday. Time flies by so fast.

Well, I can say that all the fears that I had about his arrival are nonexistent. Anne has taken to him really well. She points at him and says, “baby.” She’ll laugh at him and look at me. I try to cut my time up with her as much as I can. She is such a good kid.

Emily and Katelyn have taken to him like I thought they would. Always wanting to kiss him, hold him, hug him – just plain love him. My little “Mommy’s.”

He has stolen everyone’s heart.

He’s the ninth grandchild on Ron’s parent’s side. The ninth grandchild and the first boy. The first boy on my parent’s side also. He is going to be a spoiled little thing. My dad is already planning on taking him to football and baseball games and last weekend I heard Ron and his dad talking about when he will be old enough to go hunting with them. Yes, Ron has finally gotten what he wanted, his son.

Evan is such a good baby. He’s nursing real well and is growing so fast. Everyone comments on how big he is for being two weeks old.

I love the nights. Even though he won’t let me sleep. I enjoy this quiet time with him. I love how I can stare into his eyes as he nurses. I can hold his hands and stroke his head. It’s the time that him and I bond. This is our time together.


My nights are starting to get better with Evan. He is now on a regular schedule. He wakes up at midnight, 3 am and again at 6 am. I’m not feeling as tired as I have been. Don’t get me wrong, I take advantage of the weekends when Ron is off and he lets me sleep in while he takes care of the kids. But, I don’t feel as drained during the week as I have been.

My milk supply is pretty well established now. My breasts no longer feel like 2 hard watermelons. LOL

He had his first check up yesterday. He’s already 10 pounds. He has another doctor’s appointment on the 13th of December. Then he’ll be getting his shots.

After I gave him his bath today, I grabbed a 3-6 month outfit because I haven’t had the chance to do his laundry yet, (I am doing it today) and it fits him perfectly. He is about out of newborn diapers too but I don’t want to switch him over to a size 1 until his umbilical cord falls off. I hope it does soon.

I guess the “honeymoon” stage is starting to end with the girls and him. They would constantly be on him and lately, these past couple of days; they have been letting him sleep. They are on him like flies on honey when he is awake though.

My Dad and Grandma bought him a swing. One of those portable ones, it’s nice. He loves this thing. LOL – I can FINALLY get things done now. Before I was the only thing that could put him to sleep, now his swing does too.

He was cooing a little last night. So cute! He was also mimicking my facial expressions. When I would stick my tongue out, he would too. LOL.

He has been staying awake longer lately. He wakes up for an hour and then he’ll sleep for 3 or 4 hours.

Everyone had the flu in the house this last week. He was running a fever. He seems to be doing better as of yesterday. I had to give him some Tylenol a couple of times. The highest his fever got was 100.6.

He will be 3 weeks old on Friday.


Evan is now 7 weeks old. His smiles light up my world. He is also starting to do the deep belly laughs. After his bath today, I was tickling him to find out if he is ticklish or not — he’s ticklish on his belly, feet and under his chin.

I love playing with him. I love the big grins on his face and how his lips get small and he coos. He has such chubby cheeks! You just want to kiss him forever.

He’s looking more and more like Ron every day. His hair fell out (he REALLY looked like Ron then) but it’s starting to grow back in. It looks like he is going to have strawberry blonde hair. His eyes are starting to change colors. Looks like he is going to have Annie’s color. A deep green.

He had a doctor’s appointment on the 13 of December. He weighed in at 13 pounds 8 ounces and was 23 inches long. He’s in 3 – 6 month clothing and he wears a size 2 in diapers. He has another appointment on the 12 of January. He’s not going to be a happy camper then and neither am I. He gets his first set of shots then. :(

He also has a slight hernia but the doctor told me to not be concerned with it now. It’s normal for infants to develop hernia’s. She told me to tighten his diapers around it and to massage it at every diaper change. It’s not that bad but I hate pushing on it. You can feel the air popping. It chills me.

He’s getting a lot better with his neck control. I have been giving him 10 minutes of belly time after the girls go to bed. He can hold it up for about 30 seconds now on his own. He gets frustrated though. He really doesn’t like belly time.

He’s now starting to get attracted to colorful items. He loves the Xmas lights on the tree. He’ll sit in his swing and just look at them. He also loves his rattles.

He’s Mommy’s little man. That little bugger knows right when I put him down. He loves sleeping in my arms. It’s getting harder to do things now cause he always wants me to hold him and talk to him. I hate hearing him cry too. Everything now gets put off until Ron gets home from work. My poor house as of late. At least the laundry and dishes are kept up on! LOL. It’ll get better soon.


Here we are fast approaching 3 months. Where does time go, really?

Evan is doing great! Two weeks ago he had a doctor’s appointment and he weighed in at 15 pounds 4 ounces and was 24 1/2 inches long. He has another doctor’s appointment on Monday to get the rest of his shots. All of the girls screamed when they got their shots but it doesn’t faze him. His face will get beet red and that’s it. He won’t cry — nothing. Surprised me. LOL I think him getting the shots bothered me more than it did him.

We also have to watch his hernia closely. His doctor said that he might have to have it operated on sooner. I won’t know until the head pediatrician of PA gets back from taking care of the kids over in Somalia *rolls eyes* That’s nice, send the head pediatrician over there to take care of them when children in America need to be evaluated. Oh man – I’m not going into that subject.

He is smiling like a nut. Emily lights him up the most. As soon as he sees her, he’s grinning and cooing.

A couple of days ago while I was vacuuming, he just started cracking up. He found the vacuum cleaner amusing. I would turn it off and he would just look at me like “where did the noise go Mom?” and then I’d turn it back on and he’d start cracking up all over again. He’s such a funny little guy.

He rolled over for the first time 3 days ago. It was from back to belly. He can’t make it over though. He gets so frustrated, I have to flip him.

He’s pretty much out of 3 – 6 month clothing now. He’s fast approaching 6-9 months. Today I put one of the outfits on him that Anne14 sent me — thank you very much! It fits him perfectly. I can’t wait until he can wear the little frog outfits. LOL

He’s in size 2 diapers but I think in about 2 weeks or so he’ll be into size 3.


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