Clean out your fridge

Yogurt – Good about a week past the sell by date

Milk – Stays fres 2 to 3 days past the sell by date, Whole milk spoils faster than skim.

Eggs– Fresh eggs last several weeks past the sell by date. Toss any with hairline cracks.

Cheese – Hard cheeses like Swiss or Parmesan last for weeks if wrapped tightly. Soft cheeses like cream cheese last a week once opened.

Lunch meat – Good for about 3-5 days after opening

Meat – If fresh, cook or freeze within two days. In the freezer, steaks and chicken last 6 months or more; pork chops last 3 months; ground beef, ground pork or pork sausage last 1-3 months.

Pickles etc – Toss every three months or if the colour or consistency has changed.

Natalie USA

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  1. WarMaiden

    I just cleaned out my fridge today, you’d be surprised what you might find pushed to the back behind something lol – And it’s never chocolate..


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