Aryan Atlantis

Evidence is on the bottom of the ocean and other places such as (possibly) under the ice in Antarctica. The Ice should have preserved it nicely. But until they find anything, there are loads of facts pointing towards the existence of an Atlantis ruled by Whites.

The old Welsh, British and Irish Celts all had stories mixed with legends about a big land situated to the west in the Atlantic Ocean. It was said to have been a paradise were everyone was happy, before it sunk into the ocean, only leaving a handful of survivors. These survivors then became the ancestors of today’s Europeans. That’s basically how most of the Celtic legends go. For the Vikings, Atlantis had transformed into Valhalla. Which was the home of the Vikings’ gods who they believed to have descended from and would meet when they died.

The Mayas, Toltecs, Aztecs in Mexico and South America – and some North American Indian groups – believed white Gods from a distant land in the east had come across the sea and given their ancestors the gift of civilization, thousands of years ago. There’s one particular white *god* who stands out in these Indian’s religion. He was called Quetzalcoatl and he is one of the gods, they claim had predicted the return of the white Gods In the old Indian scriptures, Mahabharata and Purana, there are verses about a White continent a half world away from India, which had been destroyed, in a massive war between the powers of
good and bad.

The Spanish Conquistadors were astounded that the Indians used many words that seemed remarkably similar to their own. For example the name of the land the Indians thought the Spaniards had come from, sound like the name of the place the Spaniards were hoping to find (Atlantis).

The names are so similar, that all these races must have been in contact with each other. And it hasn’t been ancient explorers such as the Phoenicians, who sailed to America to take a small peep at things. It would have to have been something much larger than that and further back. The geographic placement of Atlantis is said to be impossible due to the tectonic plate theory of continental drift and stuff. All continents were once joined together in one big super-continent in
which America and Europe fit nicely together. This is supposed to prove Atlantis couldn’t have existed. Yet Plato’s description of the mountains and valleys – in the level country of Atlantis – almost draw the same picture of the Atlantic sea floor, as today’s Sonar measurements/readings show.

If the Atlantic sea level was lowered 2 – 3 kilometers, all the little islands near Europe, North Africa and in the Caribbean (Bermuda, Azores, Grand Canaries etc.) would become peaks of the highest mountains on the Atlantean Islands. The Atlanteans who lived on the mountains were among theones who escaped the floods of water. Like the Grand Canaries.

When the first European explorers re-discovered these Islands, they met tall white people who were living in old stone houses they no longer bothered repairing. They owned old stone tablets with writing from a language they no longer possessed. They feared the sea and didn’t own any boats whatsoever. These people were gob smacked when they saw the Spaniards arrive to their
island. They were sure that no one else had survived the destruction of Atalaya, as they called Atlantis. Unfortunately they were all killed in the fight against the Spaniards, later on.

In South Africa, deep inside some caves, people have discovered sophisticated cave wall paintings that show White with short hair and dressed in modern day clothing. There are also ones with people holding long unidentified objects that seem to resemble rifles. Perhaps something from an age-old safari. Similar paintings have been found in caves near ussac-les-Chateaux in France and several other places. These paintings date thousands of years back.

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