I hear a lot of comrades here imprison talk about what other whites are supposed to do. They talk about all the things that hey do for our race. They walk around preaching to everyone on what they need to do. Then turn around and commit treason by helping to fund they very people that are pushing for our extinction as a race. It is bad enough when people do this ignorantly but when people do it knowingly and claim it’s all right then it’s a blatant act of Treason!

I am talking about buying pornographic material. I have heard racially aware individuals claim that their magazines only have pictures of while women and while men in them. How can these individuals claim so much racial knowledge and be so blind is beyond me. I tried to enlighten some of these people as to what they are really doing and they got freighting mad at me! Believe me when I say I am not perfect but I do try to show right from wrong from out front. It is that “Do as I do” NOT “Do as I say” mentality.

Most of the white women and white men in those magazines and videos may be with whites in those particular scenes but if their managers tell them to get into a sex scene with someone of another race or of the same sex, they will do it.
Use this particular scene as an example. There were two white women and one white man. The two women were engaging in sexual acts while the man masturbated on the two women. This scene is a very good example as to how our society has fallen and why our birthrate is declining while other races are on the rise. It was when I explained what the scene really represented was when they got mad.

You have two women engaging in homosexual acts and you have a man spilling his seed on these two homosexuals. They want you to believe that this is sexy ands sexually arousing. To me it is sick and degrading. Two homosexuals, be they men or women can n to produce children and it is a crime against Nature not to mention treason to our race. The man spilling his seed on a woman is an act of treason not to mention the fact that it is degrading to the women. They try to show you that it is more pleasurable to place your seed on the woman instead of in them. They want us to believe it is sexually arousing to degrade our women. There are so many ways that this one scene is detrimental to our race that it would take a book to explain all of them. Yet people say it is all right to look at it because we are locked up. Bullshit!
Let’s take this further. These people spend hundreds of dollars each on this material. The money goes to the sick and twisted people that are damaging our society. The very same people that are out there snatching up our children off playgrounds and forcing them into “kiddy porn” or picking up young runaways and hooking them on drugs and forcing them into prostitution and the making of these movies and magazines. There are organizations out there that their sole purpose is to supply our children for the making of these magazines and movies. If there weren’t any money in it then it would be harder for them to fund this project against us.

Recently there was an international child pornography ring broken up. They were distributing material in the United States, Italy and Germany. Its inventory-included films of children being tortured and killed. We know there children must have been white children because there was no international outcry about cruel and dangerous racist material being distributed. This porno ring was producing images showing children as young as two years old being sexually abused.

I would like for people to look at what is really being presented to them. I just can’t understand how anyone can find all these immoral acts and these acts of treason arousing. Not sexually arousing anyway. Instead of spending that money on porno material may I suggest a nice history book?  Expand your mind don’t corrupt it.


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