White Patagonia


The Alerce, or Chilean Larch (Fitzroya cupressoides), is one of the most emblematic species of Chile, and is condemned to disappear if the government does not take immediate measures to avert its destruction. Its distribution in Chile is between the parallels 39o 50’ and 43o 30’ … Continue Reading ››

Ocean Pollution

Pollution in the ocean is a major problem that is affecting the ocean and the rest of the Earth. Pollution in the ocean directly affects ocean organisms and indirectly affects human health and resources. Oil spills; toxic wastes, and dumping of other harmful materials are all major sources of pollution in the ocean.

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Our Ancestors

Most Europeans can trace their roots back to two ancient groups of huntergatherers, rather than the Neolithic farmers who settled more recently, say geneticists. Researchers have found that 80 per cent of modern European men have inherited their Y-chromosomes from Paleolithic ancestors who lived between 25,000 and 40,000 years ago.

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