WAU/USA Presents a raffle for the Sacramento Spartans fund.—-UPDATED

WAU is proud to announce our winners for the raffle that was being held for the commissary fund for the Sacramento Spartans that are currently incarcerated. We raised $350 for these guys and we are so thankful to everyone who participated and supported this raffle!!
Our winners are as follows:

FIRST PLACE: Toothy Rotty!!!!
SECOND PLACE: Travis H.!!!!
THIRD PLACE: Todd Biro!!!!!!

The funds will be transferred to The Nationalist Womens Front for their current fund they have for the Sacramento Spartans. Thanks again to these ladies for their help!
Thank you again! We help our own!!




Women for Aryan Unity is proud to announce we will be hosting a raffle for The Sacramento Spartans  fund. If your not in the know, you can visit Golden State Skinheads to read their story and also get updates on the Spartans that are currently imprisoned. All proceeds from this raffle will go to the  commissary fund hosted by Nationalist Womens Front. A huge thank you to them for all they do.

The raffle will have 3 tiers of winners.

1st prize:

2nd prize:

3rd prize:

You can buy a single raffle ticket for $5 or you can buy 3 tickets for $10

For a paypal address or information on sending money please contact Vex Steele or email  vexsteele@gmail.com.

Will will be holding this raffle through November 15th and announce the winner on November 16th.
Remember we help our own. Thanks for helping and good luck in the raffle!!
Faith, Folk and Family
14 always

WAU/USA would personally like to thank Rigr Ault for his wonderful donation of handmade items to this raffle.

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