Stop Waiting, Start Doing!

One of our biggest problems today seems to be a lack of moving forward in our movement and the lack of action in our activism from our fellow brothers and sisters. Some of us seem to be relying on others to come up with projects, organize resistance and stand up to the powers that be. People will spend countless hours on the internet creating and becoming involved in drama. Talking about what the problems are and what they think people should be doing without ever getting off the keyboard and putting words into action. Not to mention the time loss to the stupidity of the perfect selfie. This is not acceptable. Each of us have a voice, a talent and a purpose. There are many things anyone can do to help our struggle. It does not have to be a huge undertaking. Many small efforts have big results.
Flyers are a good resource to reach people and at least get them questioning. Many groups offer flyers for downloading or contact an activist you know and ask them to send you a PDF. You could also make your own. What issue means something to you right now? Do some research and make up a simple flyer to educate people and encourage them to look into the issue themselves. Still can’t think of anything? How about writing, “White Lives Matter” on a piece of paper. That alone could be enough to get people to think in today’s crazy PC world. Make copies and deliver them to your neighborhoods, hang them at your local supermarket, or leave them in books at your local library.
Keep up on the news. As we all know the major news networks are full of lies, so stay up on local news, talk to people, or search the internet for reliable unbiased news. Learn to think for yourself. I have found a good source of news is When you read of injustice, share the story with everyone you can, write emails or make phone calls. It isn’t enough to get worked up over a story, we must put our reactions into action. One phone call can change people’s mind. even if it doesn’t change the situation at least you know you tried instead of doing nothing.
Try positive community activism. As we all know the media portrays us as pure evil. Work on changing that in your community. Collecting food for the local pantry, clothes for a homeless shelter, toys for a children’s hospital, picking up litter in your neighborhood or local park, or even helping paint over graffiti are just some ideas to not only help with creating a more positive image but improve the quality of life in your community. So next time instead of jumping on that bandwagon of drama, getting things perfect for your seventh selfie of the day or complaining about the state of your world, try doing something. Even one person on their own can make a difference in their world no matter how small the act. And when each of us take on this task, we come together as a united community and this movement can move forward for the Cause.

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  1. I’m very pleased that this website is up and running. Thank you for your work. I’m proud to be Aryan. Thank you once again and keep growing.

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