Show Respect for Strong Women

Since the dawn of time women are praised for their strength. Whether it is the Poetic Eddas or the Bible, you will find stories of how women forged forward through tough times.
And within this movement we have many women who are strong and they are strong alone. Some with children and some without. Some are married and some are single. But one common factor is that they still stand tall and keep going day after day for their family and for their people.
Also in this movement we have many strong men. Some married and some single. Some are fathers and some are not. One common thread they have is this need to protect the women and children of their people and stand by the side of their brothers. They have respect for their brothers. But when it comes to women the respect is much different if there is any at all. I have found throughout my years in this movement that men will go from woman to woman trying to find that one person. But when they get rejected or their ego even slightly dented they are quick to lash and all respect goes out the window. I’m not saying all women are angels or Valkyries. But I’m also not saying that anyone deserves to be slandered in public or have their personal business aired for all eyes to see.
And as soon as a woman tries to defend herself or her situation she is labeled a “Feminazi”.
Why are people so quick to label a women who stands alone a “feminist” or “feminazi”.
According to Wikipedia a “feminazi” is as follows:

“ is a term used pejoratively to describe either feminists who are perceived as extreme or radical,[1][2] women who are perceived as seeking superiority over men (rather than equality)”
And Wikipedia’s definition of “feminism”

“is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social rights for women.[1][2] This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment.”
I know many traditional women who enjoy being the wife and mother role. And I know many women who enjoy working and partaking in political activities. And both these archetypes enjoy their rights to own property, vote, equal custodial rights to children, make a fair wage and other liberties we have. These liberties we have came through the political strife during the late 1800s to early 1900s during the prohibition and through WWI. And according to the definition above these liberties came through feminism. So does that mean that these “feminists” who only wanted a better life for themselves and their children deserve titles like “feminazi”. Most women who this term is thrown at them are not burning their bras, they are not throwing rocks at men and screaming obscene things at them, they are not turning their noses at the lifestyle of wife and mother. These are women who do what they have to do for their families and themselves to survive in this modern age. These are women who have to tear themselves out of their warm bed every day and take care of their family, go to work and deal with the same nonsense this world throws at all of us. Many of these women do it alone. And in this movement does that make them the enemy? Do they deserve the title of “whore” or “slut” because they find themselves in bad relationships time and time again? Do they deserve this lack of respect because a man decides they are going to get their kicks for one night and toss them aside come the light of morning? Do they deserve to be slandered because they rejected the man who will not give them a fair platform and the chance to be an individual?
But apparently if we think like this we are just a feminazi.
This movement needs to praise those women who put themselves out there everyday for the sake of their family’s future. We need to give women credit where credit is due. An excellent example, childbirth. No man can say they can relate to what a woman goes through. Women put their lives on hold for the sake of continuing this race. The changes we must make, not only to our bodies, but our lives and the way we think must change. To be honest, women go through a lot of crap to become a mother. It’s not pretty; really. But the big picture, the overall sacrifice is so beyond worth it. And knowing that we are continuing our bloodline is the added bonus. So the “noble” men of this movement really need to step up and give women the praise they deserve. And furthermore, the women that are out there at rallies, protests and demonstrations deserve a big round of applause. Not many women put themselves on the street for this movement. And this deserves respect as well.
So people need to check their ego at the door when they walk into this movement. We all do our part to further the Cause. And these strong women have earned your respect. Remember, do not confuse strength and fortitude with today’s perception of “feminism”. And please think twice about using the term “feminazi”. It is disrespectful and you look like a fool using it.

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  1. Very well said, Vex. We are stronger when Aryan men and women stand side by side and support each other in this fight. We are not in competition with one another; rather, we complement one another. Hail Victory!

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