One thought on “Gertrud Scholtz-Klink”

  1. Thank you for addressing a delicate matter within the movement. ‘Femanazi’ was actaully coined by Rush Limbaugh (I believe). It seems, sadly, to be cast at any strong whie woman who does nto fit the ‘submissive meek woman’ role. Even worse, using a Term coined by Neo Cons. Woman come in differnt archetypes,as do men, each to fill a needed to role withing the movement.

    I also notice that a way of attacking a group and ideology-both by our ennemies and within, is to say that their woman are ugly. The femanine ideal coming from Jew influenced porn rather than the strong Aryan woman. When women are no longer compared to pornographic propoganda, but rather judged by their ideology and heart, perhaps we can truly be free.

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