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Precept 87

Precept 87: In our relationships or interactions, as in all of nature’s laws, to each action there is a reaction. That which we plant will be harvested, if not by ourselves, then by another.

In the Asatru faith we believe in Orlog. According to the Asatru Edda Orlog “The Original Law”, “Fate”, “The Primal Law”. The force or principle, created by the Nornir, which determines what is and what shall become. The first part of this precept speaks of nature’s laws and to each action there is a reaction. My belief in Orlog is what I put in, my actions, in life is what I will get out of life. This is true on an individual level and a group level. We as a group have done a ton of good and have been blessed with a great nation, but our actions in the past century have not been too good for our nation. We have planted some of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known. Some of the greatest civilizations we have planted were planted of ages old, to name a few, Roman, Germany, England, Greece, Australia and the United States of America. We as a people have planted these civilizations only to have them harvested and destroyed by someone other than ourselves. As we planted these great nations we imported non-white slaves into the mix. As the slaves started to out breed the noble class the majority became the minority, this has happened in every great Aryan civilization. For those of us that need a true history lesson read “March of the Titans. History is repeating itself in Australia, America and every European nation as I write this. All government programs are for the protection of the lowest parts of society, while the parts of society that provide for the lower parts are destroyed with taxes. Once gain this is our hard work being harvested by anther. To see how our hard work is being harvested by another just take a look at the great cities of America. The cities of Detroit, Washington DC, Atlanta, New York and Richmond to list a few. These cities were great technological advances of their time. Now they are great plights. They are the land of high crime, high levels of STDs, drug use and some of the lowest scoring levels of education. The more money we pump into these areas the worse they become. We need to wake up and plant a civilization that will be harvested by ourselves and not destroyed by another.


Precept 81

Precept 81: Nothing in nature is static; either the life force grows and expands or it decays and dies.

When I think of the precept that speaks to me as an Aryan man number 81 comes to mind. I don’t think there is anyone out there who can dispute the fact that the Aryan people are a dying force. Every other race and religion are promoted and protected by government, media and even our own people. The Aryan people have become so complacent that we not only have quit fighting, we happily surrender. If we do not act now and come together, tie up our boots to fight there wont be a race left to fight for.

– Michael S. Butler

Precept 67

Precept 67: An unarmed or non militant people will be enslaved.

Of course anyone reading the title of this would see why I would pick one of the 88 numbers as one that speaks to arming and defending ones self in preservation of self and your family, your people.
I unfortunately know this because I’ve seen the war upfront and in person. And depending on who your talking to or who’s eyes your looking through, I could be seen as bad and wrong, or understandably surviving a battle in which had no winners.
Either way you see it, I am alive still…so to speak. And would be every time if I went back and did it over.
The reason being, I am born with blood that won’t flow in a weak heart. I cannot bow or give in or up. I won’t wait to be put in a corner before I lash out and start stepping…
If your a passive people whom will not take charge and fight or push back will be taken over and over ruled by anyone who wants what they have or own. Made to bow to false gods and against laws of nature and owned by the stronger force and people at hand.
I see it everyday in prison life. I only concern myself if it involves my white people and those who think as I do or who live a noble life of honor or whom strive to live as such. A worthy man.
Just last week an older man was about to be released after serving his time, 3 years, now this time 7. He’s an old biker and I was raised by bikers. So I deemed him family since I am never going home to my family or kin and I see several in here with me as an extension of my family. So I took it upon myself to assure this man that I had his back. He was nervous and worried and yes, he would fight if I ever needed. A black man and his ignorant black pals thought that they were going to take advantage of this man on his last days and steal his stuff. Unlike the ignorant and other worthless people like them, I’ve worked and earned all I have, or had. And it’s unhonorable to me to steal from my people or just be worthless in general. Ignorant people don’t feel that way. If I’m coming after you, I can come alone and take many down when I come. These ignorant people can’t and they always to to have several before they even go at one smaller person. That’s the way of many in this world.
In order to be free, have what you’ve worked hard for, earned, you have to be strong and grow in mind, body and learn to arm yourself so that if others, any race or religious kind, niggers or even white self righteous hypocrites step up to you and your people, you’ll stand proud and with the knowledge your right and you’ll stand strong, you’ll have the tools needed to overcome on or many and be fearless as well.
The people I spoke of about stealing from that guy, I didn’t wait to see what was going to happen, I was armed with only a liquid magus roller-ball pen and the wanting will to kill if need be and if not. Screw these cowards and weak minded lower race of worthless mindless heard minded monkeys.
As I told the one who apparently started running his mouth; I’ll kill you and anyone else who tries to take anything this guy has because your not just stealing from him, your then stealing from me and I’ll die for whats mine and who’s my family and friend.
But words are only a form of a tool, your body is another form and weapons are yet another as well. To arm yourself and your people to continue your life and progress in it is to do more than pick up a knife or gun. You must first pick up the will to live and grow, the want to not only survive but also become better, smarter and stronger. You must then set your mind on it’s course to learn who you are and where you came from. Find out where it is that you want to go and never give up on getting there.

Honor. Respect. Protect your family and friends,

Jason Scott Betts

Precept 84

Precept 84: Self discipline is a mark of a higher man.

In order to arm yourself you must train your mind and body and make yourself read, repeat, workout and enhance your entire self and become a strong person founded in what your nature, your natural self shows you is right. What you feel is right. I’ve never been a big speaker or put too much faith into many others. I see a lot of weakness in this world. It’s decent is overwhelming and in prison is a jungle all it’s on.
I’m very much a separatist. I still hate just about everything. Haha. But I’ve taught myself most of all the simple stuff I know and I don’t push who I am onto anybody. I in fact don’t want a bunch of fake people around me. I stand alone and have. I only want white men and women around me and I won’t waste me or my people’s self on just anybody and I think I’m right to be this way. Perhaps I am wrong by my outlook on this world, but my position is set in stone and strong. I’m surrounded by ignorance and filth but the 88 is a basis on how to live and a way to find who you are. How to stay strong and see the right path so you don’t get lost in a world filled with bullshit and scum.
The teachings and meaning can be taken many ways in each number and depending on how your asked, your answers can vary. But if you want to grow and be a better person, founded by noble principles and a higher way to live, to become an honorable man or woman in yourself and with your beautiful white race, to be more of the Gods and not of the herd.
Then the best thing you can do is learn, and respect for self and by those you love will follow soon their after.

Honor, Respect and protect your family and your friends,

Jason Scott Betts

Precept 82

Precept 82: Respect must be earned; it cannot be demanded or assumed.

The only way to earn respect is to live by the nine noble virtues. Show those around you who you are, whom you want to be and seen as and that your worthy of their respect. But in order to be seen with any respect, you first have to learn how to be respectful how to live and how to carry yourself.
The 88 teaches that. It shows you how to open your eyes. And if you can see, others will see it in you as well. If you give your word, you stand by it and keep it. You treat those around you with respect and if their worthy as well, they’ll return it with the same.
To lie is to be afraid, cowardliness and deceitful and there is no place for that around me. I tell you who I am and I don’t need or want to be anything more or less. I do not want what you have, I’ll earn what I want or need. And if I owe, I pay or because of who I am, it will ear at my own self conscience until I do.
We as people can always be better, learn from even the lowest people around us and we should never sit and watch as our own are taken advantage of.
So in short, strive to be better and stronger, teach yourself to be honorable and always have your brothers and sisters back. And if a people come for whats yours or just want stay outta your town and way. Send them on their way. In a way they will never forget and when they look in the mirror they will always have their reminder, stay away from white folks….

Honor, Respect and Protect your family and friends,

Jason Scott Betts


Number 82 of the precepts states one of the simplest facts. Yet it is something we have struggled with since the beginning of time. We all know you can take power. Its been done over and over throughout history. We have proven that we can put fear in the hearts of anyone who opposes our cause. But if we hope to become the chosen leaders and be an example for our people we have to first eanr their respect because true loyalty comes from choice not fear. So like everything in nature we have to find a balance.

-Michael S. Butler

Precept 31

Precept 31: Instincts are natures perfect mechanism for the survival of each race and species. The human weakness for rationalizing situations for self gratification must not be permitted to interfere with those instincts.

From the beginning when Odin, Vili, Vee walked along our shores and stumbled upon the ash and elm or Ask and Embla and gave us each a part of them. These characteristics not only for our look but our natural instincts. These instincts have helped us survive since then and strive as a powerful people.
We have survived through slavery, inquisitions and destruction of what our ancestors built for us. Inside of each and every one of us we have pieces of memory and instincts that have been passed down through our blood.
In the past 150 years a lot of those instincts have been suppressed in almost all of us, some more than others. As time goes on we get further and further from our roots and our instincts get watered down.
Something that was once considered correct and noble, which is bringing your race up is now considered taboo. In today’s society if you say anything about white pride or white anything your a racist. Which is true but it doesn’t mean your a bigot. We don’t have to destroy anyone else to build us and that’s what the Jews and Blacks have done. They have been morally crushing us to the point where everyone is all about themselves. And rationalizing in our minds that it doesn’t matter or that thinking you are more important than the whole is a weakness. If a whole group of Aryan people start showing that its about everyone and that selfish thinking has brought down everything that all those before us lost their lives fighting for.
All the right instincts are in all of us in our subconscious and conscious minds. You don’t have to be scared of public backlash for doing the right thing. STAND UP FOR YOUR FOLK! Don’t lose sight of what is right and wrong in a traditional sense all the answers are deep inside you. And don’t let simple rationalization weaken us any longer.
This is my perception of precept 31. Go back to the basics in every aspect of life. If you truly live by the 88 and the 14, striving for folk and family in everything. Now is the time to start raising our children and explain that the instincts are correct, not wrong as today’s society would have them believe.

With love to all Family and Folk,
Francis “Bean” McDonald Jr.

Precept 25

Precept 25: A people without a culture exclusively their own will perish.

We need to secure our culture and existence now. That is the only way we secure a future for our children. Remaining apathetic or inactive towards this precept will be our decline. Leading to ultimately a self inflicted genocide. We have arrived at the point where we must choose to grow and thrive, not wither away and die. Every new breathe that awakens our sacred Nordic traditions and culture will restore balance to our family, faith and folk. A culture and race that existed a millennial ago. We are the mold for the reawakening of our culture.

-Don Wcislo

Precept 5

The fifth precept, “Secular power systems protect and promote religions, which teach of an afterlife. Thus, people are taught to abandon defenses against predators of this life.”
To me describes one of the many “scare tactics” the government uses to control the masses. This teaching makes man weak and easily controlled in this living world, out of fear of what might happen in the afterlife. The whole teaching of do good now and be rewarded later is ingrained in us from childhood with Christmas and Santa Claus rewarding the kids who behaved and leaving coal for the bad kids.
I think it’s important to break ourselves of this way of thinking and do whats right, here and now to protect our people, regardless of what might happen in the afterlife and not live in fear. Once again to me this is just another example of how a lot of the main stream religious teachings are more about control than the well being of its average person.

-Brant Love

Precept 73

Precept 73:
Materialism leads men to seek artificial status through wealth or property True social status comes from service to family, race and nation.

Well this one today is everywhere I look from the middle aged to the young. I will not refer to them as Aryan because that is a title that is earned and not just given because their parents or grandparents send them a ton of money and they have more than most. They didn’t’ work and sacrifice to get these things so they have no pride for any of it. If we want our future Aryan warriors to be the leaders they are meant to be we must stop just giving them everything they want just because they want it. We must come together and teach them from the old ways and make them proud of their name, race, folk and family. We are on our last leg here with our race. So grow a pair, learn to say no and tell them to work for it. Their children must not be lost to the new world bullshit. Hard work will not hurt them so lets teach them before its too late.

Courage and Honor,
Robert Greear

Precept 1

Precept 1:
Any religion or teaching which denies the natural law of the universe is false.

There are certain immutable truths evidenced in nature. One is everything must earn the right to exist. Nature plays no favorites. The tree must have water and sun to grow. It must also spread its seeds to continue as a species. Animals must eat and breathe to survive. As a species, they must procreate to continue to exist. Eating, procreating and living in general is accomplished through struggle for all species. The lion hunts to eat. All humans used to hunt to eat, to make clothes and sometimes to provide shelter and tools. All animals must struggle to procreate. Females normally mate with what they perceive to be the dominant make. That ensures strength for the future generation. How does one become dominant? Certainly not laying back simply existing.
As seen across the plant and animal kingdoms, everything must earn its right to exist, survive and further its species. From the lowliest virus to the largest whale to the tallest tree back down to the tiniest ant, everything must be determined enough, evolved enough, cunning enough and/or strong enough to survive and advance itself. That is the natural order of things. It has been that way since the beginning of time and will be until the end.
There are very few exceptions to the rule like the dinosaurs who were forced into extinction by an act of nature. Volcanoes, tsunamis, meteors, etc. sometimes things just happen that are exceptions to the rule. Yet, it could be viewed as the natural order of things. The eradication of a superior species to make room for another species to ascend to a higher level of superiority. That school of thought could lead to the idea that nature is cognizant on some level and alluded to by people stating it was their time. Nature plays no favorites.
Our families and folk not only looked to our gods and goddesses for guidance and direction, they also looked to nature. Nature provided them with a kind of blueprint to help survive. Living in and with nature helped provide our people with some of the experience and knowledge necessary to survive, become and always further ones family.
As a race, any teaching that is anti-nature is equal to being anti-white. Religion, the Bedouin Mendacity, teaches us to go against nature and natural law. It insists on not living for the now and for our future generations but to live for a fictional paradise. It insists that the meek will inherit what the strong fought and died for. In insists on turning the other cheek allowing enemies to transgress time and time again. It insists that our women are less than us and that to desire them is wrong. It insists that submission is the key to salvation. Pray and you shall receive instead of working for and earning what you want. Love everyone. Equality. Peace. Decadence. Miscegenation. Each and all are suicidal imperatives. In short, it promotes every natural instinct ordained by nature to preserve and advance ourselves as a species is wrong.
The natural instincts to not only keep us alive as a race but also to further advance us are consistently being suppressed bu anti-white edicts in the forms of alien religions, Hebraic media propaganda and egalitarian policies. The preaching and teachings of this anti-natural rhetoric leveled at those of our race are lies that continue to lead us to the brink of extinction. If they were anything but false, these preaching and teachings, we as a race would be thriving. Only by acknowledging the universal truths and embracing natural law again can we insure our security and advancement of our families, faith and folk.

-Hallvardr Skinolfer