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WLM Shelbyville Rally After Report by Vex Steele

White Lives Matter Rally in Shelbyville, Tennessee on October 28th 2017


My time at the rally was amazing and I was very sad to leave. It was a successful, non violent and productive rally. Some may differ, there is a good amount of controversy over whether any of it was even worth it. And seeing as to there being no “juicy” violence for the media to report, they actually were using photos from Charlottesville in their articles as click bait. But beyond the rally itself, meeting new people and making new friendships, to me, is just as productive as getting out our message. Here’s my recap of a lovely weekend in the south!
Most of us arrived Friday and since there was a few different groups people were scattered throughout the city and outskirts for lodging. The main host groups had areas where they stayed together. I met up prior with a sister from Texas and we went to our lodging where we were met with southern hospitality and kinship of the highest. We had a wonderful dinner (southern smoked pork) and off to bed we went to be prepared for the next day.
Saturday was very cold, and coming off an Indian summer even a northerner like myself found it to be extremely chilly. I was prepared for such, but I couldn’t help but chuckle at the southern boys who were freezing because to them 41 degrees felt like -23! We all met at a parking lot prior and we followed the caravan of vehicles to our rally point. As soon as we pulled into the town center to “our” parking area (even the parking areas were kept separate from Antifa) I noticed something interesting as we turned the corner…snipers…. and they were everywhere, all around the parking lot, the street to the first checkpoint, second checkpoint and the rally point.

We got together and Michael Hill of The League of the South said a beautiful speech and we got in formation.

There was already media swarming everywhere. We marched down the street and around the corner to the first checkpoint. This rally was so heavily policed some would say it was tyrannical. They were so concerned with Charlottesville type rally happening they went overboard with the security. They had the streets closed down to all car and walking traffic. It literally was Antifa penned on once side of the road and us on the other. I was thankful in a way because I just do not believe us going head to head against Antifa, again, was productive as far as getting our message out and the point of this rally. They had a VERY specific list of prohibited items. Every single person had to empty their pockets, get scanned by a metal detector wand and patted down. It took an HOUR AND A HALF to get through this checkpoint, which was deducted from our allocated rally time. But once again, we got in formation and marched onward, only to be stopped BY ANOTHER CHECKPOINT! This one was a quick wand and went much faster.

The purpose of this rally was 3 fold. First, it was to bring to light the resettlement that had been happening with Sudan refugees in Middle Tennessee and the forced integration that has come with it. Second, the Sudan refugee that went into the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ opened fire killing one woman and injuring at least 7 others. This incident got some local media attention but near to none national attention. This was a black on white crime that alas no one knows about. And the third reason behind the rally was to move forward after the chaos of Charlottesville and prove that a rally in a “friendlier” territory would not be a mess

We were met with the usual chants and heckling that Antifa dishes out. At one point the big mouth on the megaphone on the opposition side bellowed “Nazis, where are your women?” to which our side responded “We don’t use our women as shields! We honor and protect our women!”. The oppositions side versus our side was not too uneven to my surprise. We had some excellent speeches from Matthew Heimbach of the Traditionalist Workers Party, Dr. Michael Hill of The League of the South, Jeff Schoep of the National Socialist Movement and Scott Lacey gave a speech geared toward us, not Antifa, about unity.

We had said our peace, yelled back at Antifa, stopped one crazy guy from hopping over the fence, of which police arrested quickly and marched back to our vehicles. Afterward we all met at the Henry Horton State Park where we had a lovely lunch together and were able to socialize and meet one another. The original plan was to have a quick lunch and head over to the second planned rally in Murfreesboro. However, it was discovered that Murfreesboro was going to be a lawsuit trap. Antifa had been either part of it or knew about it because there were a lot of Antifa that went there instead of Murfreesboro and that left Shelbyville early to go over there. They of course, and the media, thought we were “scared off”. We were smart and knew it was not going to be productive. They wanted another Charlottesville and the town of Murfreesboro was just looking for a reason to crucify us. So it was a wise decision made by the rally organizers that it would not be worth it. So they said the hell with it, we accomplished what we needed to, our message got out via the media and without violence.

The luncheon was lovely. It was so nice to meet people that i’ve only known online for years. And this is part of what its about. Being able to hug and talk to the ones we call brother or sister.  The highlight of the luncheon is when Matthew Heimbach announced that Jacob Goodwin’s parents were there and they had a message from Jacob to all of us.  Jacob’s mother made a lovely speech about how she would stand by her son through all of this because she believed in our message and believed in her son.  They then asked everyone to donate towards Jacob’s legal fund.  Jacob is currently being held in a detention center in Arkansas waiting to be extradited to Virginia for his alleged involvement in the DeAndre Harris beating during the Charlottesville rally.  We were at the park for nearly two hours before the news and local police and fire departments Twitter accounts gave away our location and Antifa was on their way. They were just so hungry for violence that they were going to “throw us out” of the state park. And once the local police got wind that Antifa were coming they hauled ass over to the park. Over 20 police vehicles showed up to keep peace. Nothing happened, we dispersed and were able to carry out the rest of our evening without violence or trouble from the opposition. We went back to our areas of lodging and enjoyed a night of friendship and crashing out early after a long cold day. The weekend was a success in my opinion and the opinion of many others. The friendships I made i’m forever thankful for and definatley enhanced my enjoyment of the rally.


WAU/USA Presents a raffle for the Sacramento Spartans fund.—-UPDATED

WAU is proud to announce our winners for the raffle that was being held for the commissary fund for the Sacramento Spartans that are currently incarcerated. We raised $350 for these guys and we are so thankful to everyone who participated and supported this raffle!!
Our winners are as follows:

FIRST PLACE: Toothy Rotty!!!!
SECOND PLACE: Travis H.!!!!
THIRD PLACE: Todd Biro!!!!!!

The funds will be transferred to The Nationalist Womens Front for their current fund they have for the Sacramento Spartans. Thanks again to these ladies for their help!
Thank you again! We help our own!!




Women for Aryan Unity is proud to announce we will be hosting a raffle for The Sacramento Spartans  fund. If your not in the know, you can visit Golden State Skinheads to read their story and also get updates on the Spartans that are currently imprisoned. All proceeds from this raffle will go to the  commissary fund hosted by Nationalist Womens Front. A huge thank you to them for all they do.

The raffle will have 3 tiers of winners.

1st prize:

2nd prize:

3rd prize:

You can buy a single raffle ticket for $5 or you can buy 3 tickets for $10

For a paypal address or information on sending money please contact Vex Steele or email

Will will be holding this raffle through November 15th and announce the winner on November 16th.
Remember we help our own. Thanks for helping and good luck in the raffle!!
Faith, Folk and Family
14 always

WAU/USA would personally like to thank Rigr Ault for his wonderful donation of handmade items to this raffle.

2016 Think Beyond Yourself Challenge

2016 Think Beyond Yourself WAU/USA Challenge

As we start to get caught up in the spirit of this holiday season, stop to take a look around you. Your town, your neighborhood, your own brothers and sisters could be in need of a helping hand. Thinking beyond yourself has such a huge impact on not only the ones you help but on yourself. There are so many charities out there that help people. There are so many people that need just a little helping hand. Why not be that hand.

We all know that we tend to go overboard with gifts for family and friends when we are able to. I’m not asking you to stop that. What I am asking people to do is include some sort of charity or less fortunate person in your holiday giving. It can be through donations to a thrift store, a homeless shelter, the domestic violence center, a VFW, etc. Perhaps donate blood. If you want to help out a Brother or Sister, look around at your circles. So many are struggling. You could buy some groceries, help pay a phone bill, or even something as simple as being there to listen. You could send money to a prisoner to make their life a little brighter. WAU has a program, called Adopt A Bruder . You could join the program or make a one time donation to bring a little ease to the life of the former members of The Order who are still behind the wall. You could support a racial family run business, such as Stay Noble Wear as you do buy your gifts. There is a group in South Africa,South African Family Relief Project, that helps the homeless white families that live in filth and poverty because of laws that prevent the hiring of whites. Consider donating to them. Or consider helping out with the 3rd Annual Santa’s Project, headed by Warrior’s Pride. For the 3rd year they will be helping one family having a brighter happier Christmas time.  And if nothing else, you could reach out to your neighbor and help shovel snow.

That is our challenge to each and everyone of you. Think beyond yourself this holiday season and make someone else’s life a little brighter. WAU/USA will be donating to two Domestic Violence Centers, a local food pantry and helping to make a Single Dad’s Holiday a little more happier for his little daughter. The act of doing it will enrich your life more than you know.


We at WAU have always taken pride in our original publications, art work and material. Where our sisters work hard to come up with the best we can, we could not achieve this without the help of our supporters, POW’s and friends.

This year to show our gratitude and in a joint effort, WAU Australia, America & Europa are holding an art contest to choose the best work to be used in a compilation of books we are publishing on David Lane’s written works as well as in our other publications. We will be awarding prizes to the best art received as a way to show our appreciation.

Next year (2017) will see the 10th anniversary of David Lane’s passing and in his honour,  we will be publishing two books; one on David’s Wotanist writings and the other on his political writings, as found on We require some original artwork to publish in these books, they can consist of either a portrait of David, the 14 words or something relevant to Davids writings.

Eligibility and Mediums: The contest is open to everybody, worldwide. All art must be 100% original and your own work. We will not accept compositions based on other artists work (either drawings, photos etc) unless written permission is given by the artist. You can submit any kind of art, use any colours or techniques, from 2D traditional drawings, mixed-media to digital art. It’s up to you, but please keep it within the subject.

Submissions: To be sent to with the following information: Name/nickname & location.

Also please state that by submitting your artwork you are aware that you are giving full permission to WAU to use this work in our publications, sites and other printable and online material.

All files submitted must be high quality either in JPEG/JPG or PNG format. If you are submitting digital artwork, please provide us with the original files, if you can.

Selection Process: All submissions will be reviewed and selected by a panel composed of WAU sisters and friends. We will announce the panel in due course. The winning art will be selected on the basis of quality and originality within the subject and suitability for our publications.



Book 1: Deceived, Damned & Defiant by David Lane
Book 2: Might is Right
Book 3: Creed of Iron
47gr Large Sterling Silver Thors Hammer made by US heathen
Resin Mjolnir wall plaque, 7” tall made by heathen artist
Bruders Schweigen lapel pins
$30 USD for any prisoner winning a prize or their choice of book
Tree of life bag

Huge thanks goes out to Ken S, Sara, Dylan, Bradley, Louise, Gail, Vicky & T for prize donations.



2016 is going to be an amazing year for WAU/USA.

We will be focusing on local community activism, the Bruders, #Whitelivesmatter projects, adding to our written series, “Learning to Love Yourself Again” about overcoming abuse, and an intense project with the help of the prisoners we write. Personally, after a couple life changes, I’ll be traveling a little more and farther this year, including a trip that has been on my bucket list since I was a wee little girl. Excited to see what life has in store for us all. Use this time to renew your commitment to the Cause and get out to do something! Wishing us all the best of everything this coming year.

14 Always,


WAU/USA Chapterhead

David Lane RIP

May 28th, 2015 marked the 8th year since David Lane’s passing.

We will never forget you! We carry on your legacy. It has been an honour to have you as a part of my family. With respect, honour, and loyalty till we join you. Hail David Lane!