Adopt a Bruder

Adopt a Bruder was created by the women of WAU in Honour of each of the members of Der Bruder Schweigen and our way of making sure they were being helped and supported. WAU have been running Adopt a Bruder for over fifteen years now. Our goal was to establish a program to ensure that each Order member was / is receiving financial support while imprisoned. As individuals, most of us cannot afford to donate to three people each month; as a group, we can form a network with the ability to collectively provide each member with funds, seeing that no one is overlooked.

The program involves “adopting” a member to donate money to each month. There is no minimum amount; you must merely pledge to send a certain amount and hold to it. You are always free to send more, and if for some reason you cannot make your pledge one month, we simply ask that you let us know so we can make sure the money comes from elsewhere. Ultimately, we would like to see each prisoner with 3-4 assigned sponsors, each contributing $25 a month, with any other donations supplementing that base amount.

You will be sending your own money orders or Western Union transfers; you do not need to trust us to handle your money, though a Paypal address will be made available for those who prefer to donate that way. You may remain as anonymous as you would like; all that is required is an email address or other means of checking in each month.

Each month, a sponsor sends money to his or her “adopted” prisoner. Once the money has been sent, a sponsor needs to contact WAU HERE!! to report the amount and date and that’s it.

With each person contributing a little money, a little time, and a stamp, we can show these men our gratitude and support. By each doing what we can within our own means, we can combine our efforts to make a considerable difference. Anyone interested in participating should “EMAIL US HERE” please spread the word about this program. Those who may have thought a small contribution was pointless before may be more inclined to send support when they know others are doing the same. This is an instance where every little bit counts, and it is the “little bits” that will make this program a success.

Hail The Order, Free The Order.
WAU Sisterhood