2016 WAU/USA Review – Building a Better Future

Building a Better Future

2016 saw WAU/USA continuing it’s mission of building stronger communities by practicing positive community activism. From being in many charity runs to being regular blood donors. Helping meet the needs of local food pantries, domestic violence centers, and homeless shelters. Baking goodies for the police and fire departments. Volunteering time for various non profits to help with Veterans, the autistic community and local women’s groups. We also helped whenever needed in our own circles. Everything from friends in need of a helping hand to prisoners that needed to know they weren’t forgotten. We have sent out countless books, gifts, and cards to welcome newborns into this world and bring a smile to the face of sick children and adults that needed to know they were cared about. We are sponsors in WAU’s Adopt A Bruder program and send funds to South Africa to help whites who are suffering in squatter camps. One of us even took building the future to the ultimate step by giving birth to a future warrior this year.

Such simple ways to make our circles and communities better places for our children. Most of these things cost nothing more than time but the reward of doing it is priceless in the end.

For 2017 we will continue with these efforts and encourage others to do the same. We will not only have some exciting new programs and projects to spread knowledge but will be adding to our “88 Views From Behind Glass” and our “Learning to Love Yourself Again” series.

As David Lane said, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

In order to do that we MUST think beyond ourselves and encourage others to do the same.

14 Always,


WAU/USA Chapter head

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