2016 Think Beyond Yourself Challenge

2016 Think Beyond Yourself WAU/USA Challenge

As we start to get caught up in the spirit of this holiday season, stop to take a look around you. Your town, your neighborhood, your own brothers and sisters could be in need of a helping hand. Thinking beyond yourself has such a huge impact on not only the ones you help but on yourself. There are so many charities out there that help people. There are so many people that need just a little helping hand. Why not be that hand.

We all know that we tend to go overboard with gifts for family and friends when we are able to. I’m not asking you to stop that. What I am asking people to do is include some sort of charity or less fortunate person in your holiday giving. It can be through donations to a thrift store, a homeless shelter, the domestic violence center, a VFW, etc. Perhaps donate blood. If you want to help out a Brother or Sister, look around at your circles. So many are struggling. You could buy some groceries, help pay a phone bill, or even something as simple as being there to listen. You could send money to a prisoner to make their life a little brighter. WAU has a program, called Adopt A Bruder . You could join the program or make a one time donation to bring a little ease to the life of the former members of The Order who are still behind the wall. You could support a racial family run business, such as Stay Noble Wear as you do buy your gifts. There is a group in South Africa,South African Family Relief Project, that helps the homeless white families that live in filth and poverty because of laws that prevent the hiring of whites. Consider donating to them. Or consider helping out with the 3rd Annual Santa’s Project, headed by Warrior’s Pride. For the 3rd year they will be helping one family having a brighter happier Christmas time.  And if nothing else, you could reach out to your neighbor and help shovel snow.

That is our challenge to each and everyone of you. Think beyond yourself this holiday season and make someone else’s life a little brighter. WAU/USA will be donating to two Domestic Violence Centers, a local food pantry and helping to make a Single Dad’s Holiday a little more happier for his little daughter. The act of doing it will enrich your life more than you know.

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