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Happy Birthday Bob Mathews

White brother how I miss you. Who can take your place, As the leader of the army That fights to save our race?   image

Remembering Robert J. Mathews

On The 8th December 1984 we lost one of the greatest beacons of hope the white race had seen in a long time. Bob Mathews truly was a man against time. #HailTheOrder #DefeatNeverVictoryForever #ManAgainstTime #HailBobMathews   image NWHS Martyr Day 2015Continue Reading ››

Poetry by The Bruder Schweigen

image Rise My Sons - Robert J. Mathews 1983 Sons of Odin, Sons of Thor, Kings of the cold Sea; O gods, we go to do you Honor. Who can stand against us? See us; we go to feed the Ravens With your enemies And to make the wound-dew run red Upon the grass. Men of the … Continue Reading ››

In honour of Bob Mathews and our Martyrs

B&H 13-12-14 On Saturday 13-12-14 the South Australian branch of Blood & Honour got together to honour and pay homage to the memory of Robert J Mathews and all the other Martyrs who have given their lives for our cause. A Blot was held and a Rite of Martyrs was … Continue Reading ››