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Statement from Bruders Schweigen POW Richard Scutari on recent events.

WAU Under Attack - Say What? By Richard Scutari Bruders Schweigen (POW) It has been brought to my attention that the Women of Aryan Unity (WAU) has been slandered on the internet by gossip mongers for causing my and my codefendant's parole denials. I want to set the record straight. There are four of us Order codefendants still … Continue Reading ››


The 55 Club presents Unbroken Warrior: Richard Scutari, this is a completely revised edition featuring new and unread writings. You can purchase a copy here The Unbroken Warrior, Richard Scutari - retells the glorious story of The Order (Bruders Schweigen) and one of its finest members, Richard … Continue Reading ››

Bruders Schweigen need your support!

imageA race must honor above all earthly things, those who have given their lives or freedom for the preservation of the folk - David Lane I received a letter from Gary today, where his letters inspire me they also bring me much sorrow to think of this proud, … Continue Reading ››