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Coming soon – Keltic Thunder

Available  soon for free download. A children's  zine filled with history, stories, activities plus much more on the ancient Kelts. A huge thanks goes to Johnny Steadfast & Shannon Cas for the kickass cover picture. Our children are becoming culturally bankrupt and homeless in terms of ethnic identity. We need to allocate the time to teach our … Continue Reading ››

Colouring Book Project – The Book of Runes


 Available Now

A children's colouring book based on the Runes, will offer beautiful original drawings for your child to enjoy and colour. Each picture will include the rune, it's name, meaning and pronunciation in an easy no nonsense way that will help … Continue Reading ››

Childhood Obesity

childhood-obesity-television-fast-food Obesity in our Children is something that is very easily prevented, so why is it that so many of them are Overweight or Obese. Figures show that between 1985 and 1997 the number of overweight 7–15 year olds in Australia had almost doubled and the number of … Continue Reading ››