Statement from Bruders Schweigen POW Richard Scutari on recent events.

WAU Under Attack – Say What?

By Richard Scutari
Bruders Schweigen (POW)

It has been brought to my attention that the Women of Aryan Unity (WAU) has been slandered on the internet by gossip mongers for causing my and my codefendant’s parole denials. I want to set the record straight.

There are four of us Order codefendants still in prison. David Tate is in the Missouri state prison system. He is serving a life sentence without parole. Randy Duey, Gary Yarbrough, and I are in the Federal prison system and we are eligible for parole. Being eligible and being granted parole are two different things. Nothing, and I repeat, nothing anyone does on the streets can effect whether or not we are granted release on parole. Only our own personal actions can effect our parole chances.

By federal statute, there are only two reasons the parole commission can deny an old law prisoner (someone who was sentenced prior to Nov. 1987) released on parole after he has served 30 years of his sentence. The reasons are: (1) our conduct while in prison and, (2) the parole commission believes there exists a reasonable probability that the prisoner will violate the law if released on parole.

In Randy’s case, I believe he has a clear prison conduct record. I also believe he has pulled away from the movement except for contact with a few friends. Yet he was given a 15-year set-off at his first parole hearing. That set-off is, I believe, up this year. I have not heard how his reconsideration hearing went. If he was denied parole once again, it can only be because the parole commission believes his beliefs will cause him to violate the law if he were to be release on parole.

In my case, though I have spent 19 1/2 years locked down in the hole and the feds supermaxes (USP Marion and the ADX) and another 27 months in locked down in the terrorist unit, I have an almost pristine clear conduct record going back to 1989 and our attempted escape from USP Leavenworth. I have received only three minor incident reports since that time, all three for refusing to cell with a non-white. In the comment section of the last incident report, I was quoted as stating at my unit team disciplinary hearing “I do not cell with any one who is not of White European descent and who I am not compatible with. If you do not have a cell here for me, you need to transfer me.” This comment did not go over well with the black female hearing officer I had at my reconsideration hearing. She also took offense of my comments in a recent letter of which I gave permission to be printed on a website. I signed the letter of with “14 Words” and than my name which she definitely did not like and let me know about it. The hearing officer said I had superior programming (all the courses I completed). Which in itself should have given me a favorable parole decision. However, she said that she did not believe my beliefs had changed; therefore, she was recommending that parole be denied and I continue on to expiration. The parole commission rubberstamped her recommendation stating that because of my beliefs there exists a reasonable probability that I would violate the law if released on parole; therefore, I am to continue on to the expiration of my 60-year sentence less the good time I have earned.

In Gary’s case, his prison conduct record looks horrible, albeit, the major incident report he received is bogus. I was down range from him in the hole at USP Atlanta when he was taken from his cell and an attempt was made to force him into a two man cell that already had four blacks living in it. I believe it was an attempt by the administration to have him killed. When Gary refused to go in the cell, a white guard beat Gary with his key ring which held numerous large keys. Gary could not defend himself because his hands were cuffed behind his back. He was beaten so bad that he had to be taken to an outside hospital. Gary was found guilty at a prison displinary hearing and sent to the ADX. Of course, the hearing officer would not believe the prisoners who witnessed the incident from their cells over the guard who filed an incident report charging Gary with assault. This assault alone was/is enough for the parole commission to deny Gary parole. On top of that, to my knowledge, Gary has stood firm in his beliefs, which in my case was the major excuse given to deny me parole, as I am sure it was part of Gary’s denial.

We have to serve to the expiration of our sentences less our good time we earned. The only way they cannot grant us parole at that time is if we lose our goodtime and only our personal actions can cause that. No actions by any individual or group in the so-called free world has or has had any effect on whether or not we get a parole date, and this includes the action of WAU. People can print old articles we wrote, shout political and racial thoughts from the roof tops or commit illegal acts, using our names while doing so, and it would not effect the previous parole decisions nor will it effect our expiration dates unless we are personally involved and lose goodtime and/or pick up another sentence.

Those who are blaming WAU for our parole denials remind me of what we used to call EMBERS members (Eat Meat Bleat Eat some more and Retreat). The bleating is like a bunch of sheep. They do not have the intestinal fortitude to do anything except complain about others who are the doers, who actually have the nerve to step in the arena. Gossiping and slandering others is done to make them feel better about themselves. This attack is more of this EMBER crap. An attack by those who have not done diddly-squat for our Race except sit back and complain/slander those who have. The women of WAU have been in the arena. They have, for decades, been doing for our Race and especially doing for the Order members who are trapped behind the wire. The only people who do not make mistakes are those who do not do anything. Has WAU made mistakes? I’m sure the have because they are doers.

To set the record straight, contrary to ever doing anything to harm us parole wise or otherwise, the WAU women’s support has for over two decades, brought a light into this dark place. Through their adopt a bruder program they have paid for the expenses of a wife of one of my codefendants to visit him several times. WAU along with Volksfront paid a lawyer on my behalf to help me with my first parole denial, albeit, the lawyer stole the fund after one phone call with me.
Through the years WAU has been there for me without my ever having to ask for anything. This was especially important when I was locked down at the ADX. Without the funds they sent to me, I would have had to do without the little things that make life in here a bit more bearable (money for phone calls home, stamps, coffee etc.). For the life of me, I cannot understand how anyone who claims to be pro incarcerated Order members can attack and slander WAU after all they have done for us over the years. I salute the women of WAU for being the Aryan women they are and for always being there for me and my Order codefendants.

14 Words,
Richard Scutari

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