Self-Defence for Women


All women should empower themselves with safety, tips and information. Top of your safety list is to always use your common sense and trust your instincts, we have them for a reason. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation then get out of there as quickly as possible. Always assess your surroundings, notice warning signs and remove yourself from potential harm. Use the power of your voice to thwart an attack, and use anything in range as a weapon.

Self-defence training is essential training, especially for women at these times where there are a lot of danger surrounding us. Don’t become a victim of domestic violence, rape or a random attack.

Learn how to defend yourself.

As women we must think and react quickly. It is likely that any attacker will be larger and physically stronger than us. As women we need to use the element of surprise as a part of our overall defence. We have to use all of our strength, committing ourselves to saving our lives!

Elbow strikes –

Elbows can be used as effective weapons in a  close range situation, and can be delivered at almost any angle with power. To assist an elbow strike, simply make a fist with the same hand as the elbow you are using and grasp the fist with your other hand. This is really effective if someone is against your back, perhaps crowding/trapping you or preparing to grab you around your waist.

Kicking to the front or sides of the knees will disable the bad guy. There’s always the perennial favourite, the groin. Horse kicking to the rear to either of these areas can also be effective.

Your hands can also perform self-defence techniques.

Hammerfist –

Is a strike using the bottom of a clenched fist, it is particularly effective with striking the occiput, the temples, the nose, the mandible, the wrist and the sternum.

Palm Strike –

Is a strike using the palm of the hand and is used to target the nose, jaw, chin, ears, back of head, groin, kidneys and abdominal cavity. A woman can deliver a palm strike effectively, especially if she can throw her whole body into it!

Fingers – can be used to gouge eyes, pull ears and hair and twist pinkie fingers. When in close range drive your thumb into the corner of either eye. If this does not dislodge the eye itself it will cause intense pain and cloud the attackers vision long enough for you to escape.

Ear Slap –

Cup your hand, slap the attackers ear hard, it will change the pressure in their ear, throwing them off balance.

Chisel Fist –

The positioning of your hand to form the chisel fist is much the same as the standard fist formation. The only difference is, at the knuckles. The bones that make up the knuckles are kept straight, but your fingers are closed and your thumb is tucked in hard against your pointer finger. If possible, grab your attacker by the scruff-of-his-neck (upper shirt). While at the same time, get comfortable – solid and stable – on your feet by stepping back with the opposite side foot to the hand that you grab your attacker with.    Next, or really at the same time, bring your chisel fist up to the side of your chest, and in line with your peck (nipple or breast). Your elbow should be sticking out behind you. Finally, stiffen your chisel fist and strike out at your attacker’s throat.

Knifehand strike –

is a strike using the part of the hand opposite the thumb (from the little finger to the wrist), familiar to many people as a karate chop. This refers to strikes performed with the side of the knuckle of the small finger. Suitable targets for the knife hand strike include the mastoid muscles of the neck, the jugular, the throat, the collar bones, the 3rd vertebra (key stone of the spinal column), the upper arm, the wrist (knife hand block), the elbow (outside knife hand block), and the knee cap (leg throw).

Shin Scrape –

A shin scrape involves scraping the front of the attacker’s shin bone. This is best done with the heel of your shoe. Kicking here would also inflict a great deal of pain. This is a great tactic for women’s self-defence, if you are grabbed from behind and he has your arms secured a shin scrape and foot stomp will help you make your escape. Remember to execute this technique quickly and with as much force as you can muster.

Foot Stomp –

Stomp down hard with all your weight using the heel of your foot. Aim for the top of his foot where his shoelaces would be, not his toes (but toes are better than nothing). It is possible to break the small bones on the top of his foot with this move.

Knee to Groin

Now this move is commonly expected and works best with an element of surprise. Unless he is wide open, try to get his attention off his groin by attacking his nose or eyes first. For best results grab the attacker by the shoulders or clasp your hands around his neck and pull him towards you sharply. At the same time bring your rear leg and drive your knee upwards into his groin, crushing his testicles against the pubic bone.

Testicle Squeeze

This is a great move that can be done from almost any position, it is especially useful when in a bear hug when your arms are pinned within his. Grab a handful of groin, using all five fingers, don’t just pinch, squeeze as hard as you can, really dig in, using your nails as well. Then really twist and pull them, don’t let go until you are sure he is no longer a threat.

Escape Techniques

Hand grasp escapes

If an offender clamps on to one of your wrists, his thumbs will be on top. Quickly lean into the attack, grasp the captured hand with your free hand, linking your fingers together. Keeping the elbow of your grabbed hand close to your body, lean your weight back and jerk your hand free, through his thumb.

If the offender grabs both of your wrists, he has left himself “wide open”. One swift powerful upward kick to the groin should be enough to cause the attacker to release his grip on your hands.

Don’t be nice here, girls. Try to see if you can lift his feet off the ground with this one. If he is in too close, then use your knee.

Hair grabs

Rape prevention starts by knowing what to do when some lunatic grabs you by the hair. The first thing to do is gain control of your head, clasp both of your hands over the offenders and clamp them down against your head. This prevents him from yanking your hair out. Maintain this clamp with both of your hands and turn in and knee him in the groin.

Arm Bar Choke Hold

The first move is to free your airway; turn your head to the side so your chin is pointing in too the crook of the assailants elbow. After you’ve made sure you can breathe, bring both of your hands up and clamp onto the attackers forearm. Clamp the arm to your chest, and then bend over from the waist, taking the attacker with you. This will force the attacker off balance. Still holding onto his forearm, you are in perfect range for a stomp.

Another effective technique for escaping a strangle hold is to bring both hands together as in prayer and bring them up and inside the assailants arms, this will give you greater leverage. Then reach forward and grab the assailants head with both hands, with your arms pushing against the inside of the assailants arms, this will keep him from maintaining a tight grip on your throat. With the tip of your thumbs push them into the assailants eyes and drive them in, pushing him back as you do. Then bring his head in and deliver as many head-butts as needed until he lets go and you are able to escape.  




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