2013-03-08 12.31.33We at WAU have for sale some copies of the Youngland/PWA split for sale. These have been personally autographed by all members of Youngland. If anyone is interested in buying one they are $20 Australian and that includes postage within Australia you can email us at … Continue Reading ››

Children’s ezine

kids zineWAU Australia are pleased to announce our new publication Hugin - Munin. This ezine is aimed at teaching our children about their heritage and culture. Our first issue, which will be released later this month, is called Viking Vagabonds and is based on the Vikings … Continue Reading ››

Children’s Education Fund

We at WAU believe it is very important that our children do not lose their cultural Identity so therefore we would like to offer three of our children a partial scholarship to help with the increasing costs of education. Any Organisations or Individuals that would like to help us sponsor this fund can email us at … Continue Reading ››

Women for Aryan Unity Australia – Year in review 2012

2012 proved to be a very busy & productive year for us women at WAU Australia, after many years we once again started publication of our ezine, Women of the Southern Legion  which proved to be quite popular. As we are also contributing to issues of Homefront & Morrigan Rising along with all our other … Continue Reading ››

January 2013

Thank you for the extra funds – such a blessing from a people I hardly know…. or maybe do know in racial spirit! I must admit to splurging on a pint of chocolate icecream with chocolate syrup :P And new running shoes. David Tate

Blood & Honour White Xmas

Blood & Honour South Australia will be hosting a White Xmas (free) BBQ on Saturday the 15th of December from 1PM onwards. Women for Aryan Unity will also be conducting a Yule Blot at this event for those that are interested in Odinism and … Continue Reading ››

October 2012

Most of my time has been spent in solitary. Unlike my co-defendants. There are no jobs in here, very few anyway. I rely entirely on donations. It’s rough, cuz I set out to be a blessing to my folk, not a liability. I never, in 28 years asked anyone for a penny. I have had … Continue Reading ››

02 January 2012

I want to thank you for your very generous Yule gift. I can now get a few things I need here plus order some books I’ve been wanting to read. Your continuous support is very appreciated. I’d be hurting without it.

10 January 2012

Received a $200 cheque and I believe a $125 cheque a few weeks ago. Thank you. I probably told you, but the BOP will be selling MP3 players pretty soon. They aren’t here yet, but when they arrive the money will go to buy music – music I’ve been waiting 28 years to hear. Not … Continue Reading ››

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